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Majority of Indiana counties at orange COVID level this week, Wayne better at yellow

In a week when Hoosiers are still digging out from a significant winter storm, Governor Holcomb’s news conference brought welcome news regarding Indiana’s COVID-19 positivity rates.  The color-coded maps “look the best they have in months” according to Dr. Kristina Box, Indiana’s State Health Commissioner Wednesday, February 17. No counties were at the red level […]

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Cambridge City, Indiana: ‘We have momentum’

By Louise Ronald At a time when small towns all over the country find themselves struggling, Cambridge City, Indiana, is bucking that trend. People drive from miles around to visit its antique shops and eat at its many restaurants. There are several new businesses on Main Street, and active construction/renovation projects promise more to come. […]

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Wayne County COVID-19: Share your story

Wayne County Government Launches Public Awareness Campaign Encouraging Masks and Other Precautions to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Their mission: Richmond, IN (December 16, 2020) – As Wayne County’s COVID-19 numbers continue to climb the urgency to wear a mask, social distance, and follow other recommended guidelines from the Wayne County Health Department and the […]

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Healthcare workers fear post-holiday virus surge

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s weekly news conference, November 18, was led by Dr. Kristina Box, Indiana’s State Health Commissioner, as the Governor and his wife quarantine at home per COVID-19 guidelines. Several members of his security detail tested positive for COVID the day before. While neither the Governor nor his wife have symptoms, they have […]

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Sidewalk Talk: Divided Nation

Jeff Windle Centerville 1. Yes 2. No doubt, that’s politics. Democrats, Republicans are dividing us up here. 3. That’s a good question right there. I don’t think the new leadership, or how this election turns out, is gonna make any big difference. We all got to get together. That’s a tough question and I don’t […]

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Wayne County Democrats issue Nov. 4 statement on vote count proceedings, other election concerns

Wayne County’s Democratic Party chair Beth Harrick shared this statement on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4, with local media regarding November 2020 Election Day and vote count proceedings. RELATED ARTICLE: WAYNE COUNTY ELECTION RESULTS ANNOUNCED “Above the desire to elect any one candidate, the Wayne County Democratic Party is committed to protecting the interests […]