Welcome to the Western Wayne News Podcast.

Conversations with our neighbors about life in Wayne County, Indiana, hosted by Kate Jetmore.

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Western Wayne News Podcast
Western Wayne News Podcast

Each episode of the WWN podcast features a conversation with someone who calls Wayne County home and is contributing their time and talents toward making the community better in some form. Kate Jetmore, longtime host of The Listen Podcast, brings her storytelling skills and thoughtful questions to uncover what guests feel most passionately about, and how their journeys have unfolded.

Join us in this continuing conversation about Wayne County. You’ll be surprised and delighted to learn more about what your neighbors are up to.

Kate Jetmore

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Western Wayne News Podcast
Western Wayne News Podcast
  • Roxie Deer

    Roxie Deer

    Jun 4, 2024 • 25:56

    For Roxie Deer, the line between community and family has never been a clear one. Growing up in Richmond, she was surrounded by her mother, her grandparents, and a whole bevy of aunts and uncles. A “family tree” project at school revealed that many of these people were not blood…

  • Stacie Shepherd

    Stacie Shepherd

    May 10, 2024 • 29:37

    Long before she became an intuitive healer, Richmond native Stacie Shepherd was a little girl who sought to please her parents by becoming a basketball star. It was only after a devastating injury that she began to listen to her body and discover options that would finally lead her to…

  • Chris Hardie

    Chris Hardie

    Mar 19, 2024 • 35:12

    When Chris Hardie first came to Wayne County in 1995, he wasn’t necessarily intending on staying. What he discovered over time was a beautiful place, big enough to provide a constant stream of new experiences and connections, and small enough that he could make a real difference. In this episode,…

  • Wendy Carpenter

    Wendy Carpenter

    Mar 6, 2024 • 25:08

    Years ago, Wendy Carpenter realized that she just wanted to work with plants. Today, she and her son run an organic farm that provides vegetables, community and connection to area residents, and that works to make food production a more local, sustainable venture. In this episode, Kate sat down with…

  • John Bronston

    John Bronston

    Feb 21, 2024 • 30:40

    John Bronston is a real Renaissance man. He plays a range of instruments, sings, dances, conducts and composes. And he is the first person to recognize that his love for the arts took root growing up in Richmond. He cut his teeth at Richmond Civic Theatre and Whitewater Opera Company,…

  • John Faas

    John Faas

    Feb 7, 2024 • 30:14

    Richmond Civic Theatre is a community within a community, and there are few organizations in Wayne County that have survived and thrived the way this one has. Executive Director John Faas sat down with Kate to explore the many elements that go into not only keeping the theatre running, but…

  • John Oak Dalton

    John Oak Dalton

    Dec 14, 2023 • 28:46

    By day he works locally in higher education as a leader in communications and marketing, but John Oak Dalton has a not-so-secret other life as a movie screenwriter, producer and director whose work is viewed and followed by cinema fans around the world. In this episode of the WWN podcast,…

  • Caroline Klemperer

    Caroline Klemperer

    Nov 22, 2023 • 25:51

    “I’m both a professional violinist and a farm girl – it’s a concept that many people haven’t considered, but it’s what I am.” During her earliest days at Boston School, Caroline Klemperer’s stage fright was so overwhelming it made her physically sick. Fast forward to now as Caroline joins Kate…

  • Max Paule

    Max Paule

    Oct 2, 2023 • 25:37

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News podcast, Kate talks with Max Paule, associate professor of ancient and classical studies at Earlham College and self-described “elder millennial desperately just trying to keep up.” Max discusses how he and his wife came to call Wayne County home, how his viral…

  • Dan Harney

    Dan Harney

    Sep 7, 2023 • 27:07

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, sports reporter Dan Harney talks with Kate about his philosophy of covering high school games that goes beyond wins and losses, the challenges of trying to cover so many athletic events in the community, his winding path to becoming a journalist,…

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