Welcome to the Western Wayne News Podcast.

Conversations with our neighbors about life in Wayne County, Indiana, hosted by Kate Jetmore.

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Western Wayne News Podcast
Western Wayne News Podcast

Each episode of the WWN podcast features a conversation with someone who calls Wayne County home and is contributing their time and talents toward making the community better in some form. Kate Jetmore, longtime host of The Listen Podcast, brings her storytelling skills and thoughtful questions to uncover what guests feel most passionately about, and how their journeys have unfolded.

Join us in this continuing conversation about Wayne County. You’ll be surprised and delighted to learn more about what your neighbors are up to.

Kate Jetmore

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Western Wayne News Podcast
Western Wayne News Podcast
  • Dan Harney" alt="Dan Harney" />

    Dan Harney

    Sep 7, 2023 • 27:07

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, sports reporter Dan Harney talks with Kate about his philosophy of covering high school games that goes beyond wins and losses, the challenges of trying to cover so many athletic events in the community, his winding path to becoming a journalist,…

  • Jenny Pugh" alt="Jenny Pugh" />

    Jenny Pugh

    Aug 7, 2023 • 21:15

    Jenny Pugh, business manager at the Western Wayne News, talks about her history with the newspaper, how she adapts to changes in the world of news publishing, how her column “Just a Milton Minute” has evolved over time, and her other creative endeavors. Transcript Kate Jetmore: My guest today is…

  • Pavel Polanco-Safadit (en Español)" alt="Pavel Polanco-Safadit (en Español)" />

    Pavel Polanco-Safadit (en Español)

    Jun 30, 2023 • 19:07

    En este capítulo del Western Wayne News podcast, Pavel Polanco-Safadit, el Director Ejecutivo de Amigos Latino Center, nos habla de los labores del centro para captar la atención de la comunidad local y servir sus necesidades. También recuerda su propio camino desde la República Dominicana hacia los Estados Unidos, donde…

  • Pavel Polanco-Safadit" alt="Pavel Polanco-Safadit" />

    Pavel Polanco-Safadit

    Jun 30, 2023 • 17:51

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News podcast, Amigos Latino Center Executive Director Pavel Polanco-Safadit talks about the center’s work to engage and serve the local community. He also recounts his own journey from the Dominican Republic into the United States, creating a life of musical exploration, teaching, learning…

  • Nicole Powers" alt="Nicole Powers" />

    Nicole Powers

    Jun 13, 2023 • 21:13

    Behind the headlines about addiction are human beings with a story to tell. Nicole Powers started using alcohol and pills as a teenager struggling with self-worth, and things got way out of hand. In this episode of the podcast, Nicole talks about her journey of struggle, loss, consequences, healing and…

  • Andrés Lopera" alt="Andrés Lopera" />

    Andrés Lopera

    May 22, 2023 • 17:50

    “We serve the community with the music that we present.” In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, newly hired Richmond Symphony Orchestra music director Andrés Lopera talks about music as a common language, the way music selection and performance can give us insights into other experiences and cultures,…

  • Andrés Lopera (en Español)" alt="Andrés Lopera (en Español)" />

    Andrés Lopera (en Español)

    May 22, 2023 • 22:22

    “Servimos a la comunidad con la música que presentamos.” Esta vez en el Western Wayne News Podcast, hablamos con Andrés Lopera, el nuevo director musical de la Richmond Symphony Orchestra, sobre la música como un lenguaje común, las nuevas perspectivas culturales que podemos adquirir a través de una selección más…

  • Amy Sekhar" alt="Amy Sekhar" />

    Amy Sekhar

    May 1, 2023 • 28:05

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, life coach, speaker, trainer and consultant Dr. Amy Sekhar speaks about her recent transition from being in a tenured academic teaching position to engaging in advocacy with a focus on equity work and transforming community well-being. Amy shares about how she’s…

  • Millie Martin Emery" alt="Millie Martin Emery" />

    Millie Martin Emery

    Apr 17, 2023 • 21:11

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, WWN staff member Millicent “Millie” Martin Emery talks about how she became a reporter and journalist, why she decided to make a life for herself in Wayne County instead of moving away, and what she sees as the role of a…

  • Dena Little" alt="Dena Little" />

    Dena Little

    Apr 8, 2023 • 25:02

    In this episode of the Western Wayne News Podcast, Morrisson-Reeves Library director Dena Little talks with Kate Jetmore about how she decided to become a librarian, the ways in which libraries are community centers, and how access to information can shape our community life together.

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