Advertise with the Western Wayne News

Through our print and online readership, the Western Wayne News reaches thousands of readers in Wayne County, Indiana and beyond. As Wayne County’s only locally owned, independent newspaper we offer a unique opportunity to have your message seen, read and acted on by people living here.

We offer advertising options in the form of classified ads, display ads, business directory entries, ad inserts and special advertising packages.

Read more below or contact us to place an ad: (765) 478-5448 or

Classified Ads

Classified ads are a great way to post a job opening, let people know about a yard sale, or send a special message to your audience. Classified ads are printed on the Classifieds page(s) inside the paper.

Classified ad rates:

  • WWN Subscribers: $10 for up to 15 words, $0.30 per each additional word
  • Non-subscribers: $10 for up to 15 words, $0.30 per each additional word

Classified ads must be submitted and paid by 5 PM on the Thursday before publication the following Wednesday.

Pre-payment is required for all classified ads. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Display Ads

Display ads are advertisements that appear as graphic images throughout the pages of the newspaper. They are priced according to the space in the paper they take up, measured in column inches, as well as whether they appear in color or in black/white:

WWN Display Ad Rates

We also have special pricing for front page ads:

  • Above the masthead: $200/week
  • Bottom of the page: $175/week

Note: the page size is 10″ wide, 16″ deep, 5 columns per page. So, 1 column = 1.86″, 2 cols = 3.9″, 3 cols = 5.93″, 4 cols = 7.96″, and 5 cols = 10″.

Other ad sizes are available at $9.90 per column inch for color or $7.50 per column inch for black and white.

Display ads must be submitted, approved, and paid (or billing terms agreed upon) by 5 PM on the Thursday before publication the following Wednesday.


Insert ads are pre-printed advertisements that are folded into the middle of the newspaper and are immediately visible to readers when they first open the paper.

More information about insert advertising is coming soon.

Business Directory

Read more about reserving your entry in our business directory.

Special Packages

Throughout the year we have a variety of special advertising opportunities that we will contact our advertisers about. If you’d like to learn more about these, please get in touch.

The rates on this page are effective as of October 1, 2021 and revised April 5, 2022.