Meet the WWN team.

We’re the folks that get the paper into your hands every week. Reporters, editors, office staff, transportation and delivery workers, layout editors, designers and more.
Want to join us? We’re hiring.

Millie Martin Emery

Reporter, Editor
(765) 478-5448 x205

Dan Harney

(765) 478-5448 x206

Mike Emery

Reporter, Layout
(765) 478-5448 x203

Jenny Pugh

Business Manager, Columnist
(765) 478-5448 x204

Chris Hardie

Owner, Publisher, Editor
(765) 478-5448 x201

Bob Hansen


Summer Shafer

Summer Shafer

Customer Service
(765) 478-5448 x208

Tiffany Rogers

(765) 478-5448 x207

Judy Huddleston

Quality Assurance

Margo Snyder


Rex Snyder

Transportation, Facilities

John Griffin

Delivery, Transportation

Hiyori Kobayashi

(765) 478-5448 x209

The newspaper also benefits from regular help and contributions from Sophia Lyons, Sherry Stuart, Paula Thompson, Kristin Hamm, Rachel Moore, Joshua Smith Photography, DAJO Photos, Chuck Avery, Lindsay Sankey, Dr. Richard Feldman and Kate Jetmore.