Milton’s town council president has withdrawn his verbal resignation less than 48 hours after he announced his departure from the board.

AJ Sickmann, who serves as Milton’s attorney, told Western Wayne News on Thursday that he had discussed the situation with Clerk-Treasurer Terry Craig.

Sickmann said Craig confirmed that John Noland verbally stated after Tuesday’s meeting that he was resigning from council. Sickmann was not present that night.

Noland’s resignation came just after the meeting’s adjournment, shortly following an exchange with a resident who had attended the meeting.

Two residents raised concerns after the meeting adjourned.

One was concerned about a lack of opportunity for public comment.

The other accusing Noland of “railroading” council members about his support of hiring a police officer at the previous meeting (which the full council rejected) and the purchase of a fire truck rather than having repairs made. That resident eventually said he planned to call for Noland’s resignation at next month’s meeting.

The policy requiring being listed on the agenda often has not been enforced unless issues have arisen, and the public usually has been informally welcome to make comments after regular council business has finished.

“The public has the right to attend and record public meetings, but there does not exist a right to speak and address a public board other than those governing a public or charter school,” Sickmann said.

Noland did not tender a written resignation as required by statute, Sickmann said.

Noland has withdrawn his intent to resign, Sickmann said, and will remain council president.

“Unfortunately, situations such as these sometimes occur when there are passionate and dedicated elected officials and members of the public all interested in a particular topic,” Sickmann said.

Read more of this story in the Oct. 19 edition of Western Wayne News.

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Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.