Western Wayne News went to the streets to ask questions about voting this upcoming November. We asked the following questions:

1. Have you, or do you plan to vote this year?

2. How are you planning to vote (mail-in, absentee, in-person)?

3. Do you have any concerns on voting this year?

Kenny Stockton

1. Yes I do intend to vote
2. At the Golay (Community Center in Cambridge City) is where I always go on Election Day
3. No concerns


Wes Grubb

1. I’m still trying to decide. It’s hard to say right now.
2. I’d probably do it in person if I do vote.
3. I can see how people have concerns with (mail-in ballots). I personally like to do things in person anyway just because I know I’ve done it and it’s turned in right after I do it. Me personally, I’m not concerned with it because whatever is going to happen will happen.


Jennie Meschar

1. I do plan on voting this year, it’s my first time.
2. I plan on voting in person, but if that changes I will be voting by mail.
3. The only concern I have is probably just large arguments or fighting during voting. Also the rise in COVID.


Cameron Cummings

1. Yes I intend to
2. Probably on Election Day
3. No concerns


Carol Evans

1. I am voting if I have to stand in line for three days.
2. Early voting at the courthouse in Richmond
3. I just hope that it’s very fair on both sides.


Olivia Hackleman

1. I have not voted yet, but plan to.
2. I will vote on Election Day.
3. I have no concerns about voting.


Robert Simon

1. Yes, I have voted.
2. Early vote
3. Yes, I am very concerned about the direction our country has gone in the past 4 years.

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