As of late Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 2), eastbound U.S. 40 is being blocked near downtown Cambridge City.

A semi caught the pole containing the traffic signals at the corner of Center Street and U.S. 40 with the rear of the truck. The traffic signals and pole were still attached to the truck as it went further east.

Cambridge City Police Chief Richard Roberts is blocking the eastbound lanes between Center and Chestnut streets. Roberts is awaiting the arrival of Indiana Department of Transportation staff.

In addition, westbound traffic is down to one lane on U.S. 40 since part of the traffic signal is dangling over it.

Roberts said a semi driver leaving Rogers Engineering at 112 S. Center St. in Cambridge City turned the corner too sharply and caught the pole with the truck’s rear.

The truck has a Michigan license plate, and Roberts said the driver also is from Michigan.

No one was injured, Roberts said.

The pedestrian crossing sign for the corner was resting in the grass near the curb by the CountryMark gas station at the corner of South Center and U.S. 40.

Roberts said he had never seen anyone take down a whole traffic signal and pole at one time during his years on duty in Cambridge City.

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Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.