Academic teams from Wayne and Henry counties are among those earning top finishes at the Eastern Indiana Academic League Invitational. 

Seventeen schools’ teams competed Feb. 26 in subjects including science, fine arts, social studies, math and English during the conference meet.  

Area competitors were Centerville, Connersville, Lincoln, Northeastern, Randolph Southern, Richmond, Tri and Union (Modoc). They faced nearby schools including Union County, Winchester, Monroe Central, Eastern Hancock, Knightstown, Wapahani, Jay County, Daleville and Cowan. 

Results for schools in WWN’s coverage area are bolded:

  • Social studies: Richmond, first; Eastern Hancock, second; Jay County, third; Centerville, fourth; Lincoln, fifth; Winchester, sixth; Connersville, seventh; Wapahani, eighth; Daleville, ninth; Union County, 10th; Tri, 11th; Randolph Southern, 12th; Monroe Central, 13th; Cowan, 14th; Union (Modoc), 15th; Knightstown, 16th. Northeastern did not have a team. 
  • Fine arts: Tri and Union County, first; Jay County and B Squad Daleville, second; Monroe Central, third; Connersville, fourth; Eastern Hancock, fifth; Winchester, sixth; Daleville, seventh; Richmond, eighth; Wapahani, ninth; Knightstown, 10th; Centerville, 11th; Randolph Southern, 12th; Cowan, 13th; Northeastern, 14th; Union (Modoc), 15th; Lincoln, 16th.
  • Science: Eastern Hancock, first; Knightstown, second; Centerville, third; Richmond, fourth; Wapahani, fifth; Jay County, sixth; Union County, seventh; Randolph Southern, eighth; Daleville, ninth; Union (Modoc), 10th; Cowan, 11th; Connersville, 12th; Lincoln, 13th; Winchester, 14th; Monroe Central, 15th; Tri, 16th; Northeastern, 17th.
  • Math: Jay County, first; Winchester, second; Eastern Hancock, third; Connersville, fourth; Richmond, fifth; Daleville, sixth; Wapahani, seventh; Knightstown, eighth; Cowan and B Squad Connersville, ninth; Union (Modoc), 10th; Centerville, 11th; Northeastern, 12th; Union County, 13th; Randolph Southern, 14th; Monroe Central, 15th; Lincoln, 16th. Tri didn’t have a team. 
  • English: Eastern Hancock, first; Monroe Central, second; Jay County, third; Connersville, fourth; Daleville, fifth; Winchester, sixth; Union County, seventh; Wapahani, eighth; Randolph Southern, ninth; Richmond, 10th; Knightstown, 11th; Cowan and B Squad Daleville, 12th; Centerville, 13th; Lincoln, 14th; Union (Modoc), 15th; Tri, 16th; Northeastern, 17th.

The next meet takes place April 9 at four sites. Centerville, Lincoln and Winchester will compete against host Union (Modoc). Northeastern and Tri will face Cowan and Daleville plus host Eastern Hancock.  RHS, Randolph Southern and Connersville will battle against each other and host Union County. 

Richmond and Greenfield-Central will host regionals on April 16 before the state Super Bowl on May 4. 

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A version of this article appeared in the March 20 2024 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.