Kerrigan Allen Biscoe (Neal) died Saturday afternoon on March 4th after a brutal battle with pneumonia. He was preceded in death by his best friend and only love, Carlton Biscoe, his brother, Kenny Neal, his maternal grandmother, Peggy Rude, and many other cherished family members and friends. He leaves unforgettable memories to his devoted and beloved mother, Joy Dalton, three loving sisters, Kim Lovins (Randy), Paula Shouse (Teddy), and Brandi Chapman (Michael), several nieces and nephews, including his precious girl, Hannah Kay Blaise, and many friends. His loss leaves us bereft; we will miss him every day until we join him.

Kind, generous, gentle and empathetic, Kerrigan made friends easily and often offered help to many without the expectation of return. He courageously lived his truth with dignity and without apology and shared hilarious and heartbreaking stories to entertain and inspire his loved ones. He loved and valued literature, film, theater, and song; Toni Morrison, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tim Roth, John Huston, Howard Hawks, Bonnie Raitt, and Dusty Springfield were among his favorite storytellers. He believed in the power of education and nurtured a love of learning in many of his younger relatives. He loved to travel and did so often. He was born in Connersville, Indiana on March 27, 1962 and graduated from CHS in 1980. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where he lived for ten years before moving to Miami, Florida for a few years. From there, he chose to live and work in New York City for twenty years before moving to Richmond, Indiana for his dear mother. His sharp wit, ready smile, and compassionate demeanor inspired all who knew him. His adventurous and optimistic spirit and his relentless and dedicated work ethic modeled how to navigate the road to a successful and happy life for many who will forever be grateful for his positive and enduring influence.

Kerrigan chose to be cremated and asked us not to hold a formal service. He preferred the idea of a small wake attended by those closest to him enjoying a fine meal and sharing our favorite tales of his life. He will eventually rest in the Atlantic ocean, which he loved intensely and chose to live near for all of the chapters of his life, save the first and the last.