Northeastern High School has earned bragging rights in the local art scene.

Bleil poses with her winning untitled piece. Supplied

The Knights get to display a traveling artist’s palette trophy because a Northeastern junior, Alivia Bleil, won Best of Show in the 17th Annual All Wayne County High School Art Exhibition.

Richmond Art Museum organizes the annual show, which continues through Saturday, May 20.

Second place overall went to Richmond sophomore Evelyn Dio Goss. Hagerstown’s Aidan Mraz won third place in Mraz’s first year of eligibility for the show.

RAM offers students from the county’s six high schools the opportunity to submit their work for potential display in a professional museum.

Students from all six schools won ribbons for their finishes in the exhibit’s eight categories. They range from drawing to sculpting to computer-generated digital art.

The museum, on the northern edge of Richmond High School at 350 Hub Etchison Parkway, is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays, and admission is free. 

Students ages 5 to 13 inspired by the show can consider registering for half-day summer camps on June 5-9, July 10-14 and July 24-28. Each week is $80 per child.

For more information, visit or call 765-966-0256.

2023 All Wayne County High School Art Exhibition Awards

Here are the names of the honorees and their years in school:

Best of Show — Alivia Bleil, “Untitled,” Northeastern, 11th

Second Overall — Evelyn Dio Goss, “Better Get My Name Right This Time,” Richmond, 10th

Third Overall — Aidan Mraz, “Engauge,” Hagerstown, 9th

Painting — Acrylic / Oil

First Place — Leah Miller, “The Crow,” Seton, 11th

Second Place — Gracie Gellinger, “Dissension,” Hagerstown, 11th

Third Place — Aleiyia Maraj, “Untitled,” Lincoln, 11th

Painting — Watercolor

First Place — Taylor Patterson, “Plague Doctor,” Hagerstown, 9th

Second Place — Jax Skinner, “Companion,” Centerville, 10th

Third Place — Ciara Burns, “Untitled,” Northeastern, 12th

Mixed Media

First Place — Sophie Rollf, “Emerge,” Seton, 12th

Second Place — Leigha York, “Trinanog,” Hagerstown, 11th

Third Place — Ciara Burns, “Untitled,” Northeastern, 12th


First Place — Audenech Jarvis, “Lost,” Centerville, 9th

Second Place — Jackson Marker, “Palm Hopper,” Centerville, 12th

Third Place — Aspen Lyons, “Kaleidoscope Essence,” Centerville, 12th

Computer Generated Art

First Place — Tristen Marshall, “Original Picture Art,” Centerville, 10th

Second Place — Tizeta Jarvis, “Rainbow Birds,” Centerville, 11th

Third Place — Zoey Stephenson, “Blinded,” Centerville, 12th

Honorable Mention — Creighton Daver, “All Hallow’s Eve,” Hagerstown, 10th


First Place — Jocelyn Mellow, “Did That Hurt?,” Richmond, 11th

Second Place — Nate Dickenson, “Endless Possibilities,” Centerville, 11th

Morgan McCurdy, Richmond, “Blue,” 11th 


First Place — Melody Fisher, “Untitled,” Lincoln, 10th

Second Place — Ramon Zamora-Ramirez, “Bird,” Richmond, 11th

Third Place — Jayce Cox, “Eye,” Seton, 12th


First Place — Addie Shipman, “Memory of Phoebe,” Centerville, 9th

Second Place — Alayna Reece, “Sam,” Centerville, 11th

Third Place — Layla Cate, “Time is Fluid,” Centerville, 9th

Honorable Mention — Kaydence Coates, “Untitled,” Richmond, 10th

Featured artists


Layla Cate, Audi Jarvis, Cami Davis, Eva Soper, Jackson Sewell, Elizabeth Nevels, Nicholas Kenny, Brooke McFarland, Levi Morgan, Cami Davis_,_ Addie Shipman, Jack Kenny, Alayna Reece, Meghan Roser, Alissa Dixon, Jax Skinner, Wyatt Hoos, Zoey Stephenson, Braden Tedder, Reagan Wilmot, Tizeta Jarvis, Elly Waters, Tristen Marshall, Jackson Marker, Aspen Lyons, Audenech Jarvis, Taellynn Swartz, Cai Thompson, Nathanial Minton, Ashtyn Allen, Jordan Maupin, Nate Dickenson, Mary Freeman, Cai Thompson, Anna Schweitzer, Trace Odom


Anna Hoover, Gracie Gellinger, Logan Klein, Mallory Moiser, Safina Peterson, Phoenix Denney, Arlo Kirby, Zak McDonald, Rizael Payne, Creighton Daver, Ella Logston, Taylor Patterson, Ava Newman, Leigha York, Olivia Smith, McKenzie Shook, Jakob Thompson, Alexander Morrow, Aidan Mraz


Sam Gerard, Rocco Pumphrey, John Crawford, Aleiyia Maraj, Jaylen Rose, Madison Wayman, Melody Fisher

Seton Catholic

Leah Miller, Makayla Means, Makayla Means, Jayce Cox, Sophie Rollf


Bailey Berhalter, Ciara Burns, Alivia Bleil, Kate Benjamin, Emma Fields, Daniel “DJ” Jones


Lindsey Lear, Adeline Penrod, Koi Saine, Brayden VillaFuette, Lillian Hamilton, Tyler Hawley, Rosalinda Colja, Dionysus Goss, Javier Murillo-Rodriguez, Kaeden Daniels, Rey Jensen-Sizelove, Ramon Zamora-Ramirez, Kaydence Coates, Kruz Kovach, Ava Fulton, Christy Britto, Yoslene Santiago-Hernandez, Tessa Fansher, Jocelyn Mello, Morgan McCurdy

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A version of this article appeared in the May 24 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.