Dave Snow is running for Mayor of Richmond, Indiana as the incumbent Democrat candidate in the 2023 general election.

2023 Election Guide

Western Wayne News 2023 Election Guide

The Western Wayne News asked candidates in contested races for the Nov. 7 general election the same nine questions.

  1. What are two specific reasons you decided to run for this office? (100 words or less.)
  2. If elected/re-elected, what are your top three priorities for your time in office? (150 words or less.)
  3. What are two specific skills you would bring to the office to benefit constituents, if elected/re-elected? (100 words or less.)
  4. What’s one aspect of the government body you’re seeking to join or lead that you think is working well and should continue? (100 words or less.)
  5. What’s one aspect of the body you’re seeking to join or lead that you think needs to change, and what specific action(s) would you pursue to change it? (100 words or less.)
  6. Will you accept the results of the election process even if you are not elected/re-elected? (50 words or less.)
  7. Beyond encouraging attendance at public meetings, how do you plan to involve residents in decision making processes that the office you seek is a part of? (100 words or less.)
  8. If you received a $5 million grant to improve our community any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why? (150 words or less.)
  9. Any other comments you’d like to share about your candidacy? (150 words or less.)

Candidates were given a month’s time to respond with a firm deadline. We share their answers, unedited from their original form, here and in our print editions.

For full election coverage, visit the Western Wayne News 2023 Election Guide.

Dave Snow

Reasons: First of all, I have lived in Richmond my entire life and I believe in this city, I see it’s potential, and I see the work people throughout this community are doing to lift Richmond. I’m energized to be a part of that important work. Second, I am honored to utilize my passion, education, and talent to be not only a cheerleader for this city, but also a protector. Continuing positive momentum, and securing our city government for generations to come motivates me everyday.

Priorities: Throughout my life, I’ve heard people say if we’re able to restore our manufacturing base, facilitate people living downtown, and invest in our infrastructure, we’ll not only regain the position we once had as a city, we’ll surpass even our highest aspirations. Today, with over $300 million invested in our Industrial Park this year alone, $100 million invested in our infrastructure, and sitting on the edge of a major announcement for downtown, we’re at the cusp of ushering in Richmond’s next great renaissance. I know we can see these projects to fruition and begin reaching for our next big goals.

Skills: Since becoming Mayor in 2016, I have been able to curate a strong team of dedicated individuals that are leading our city everyday. This ability to build a team and to lead with strength and vision has brought us to this precipice of great success. If re-elected, I have no doubt we will deliver once-in-a-generation projects that will serve as a catalyst for future growth.

Working well: I’m proud to say that our government has many strengths. But the one that comes to mind most is collaboration. I am regularly at the table with public servants and private individuals from a spectrum of backgrounds. When it’s time to do the work, the politics are put aside and positive results come first. It’s important to remember, fostering partnership and collaboration comes from a foundation of mutual respect. These relationships must stay in place and continue to deliver results for our citizens, they deserve nothing less.

Needs changing: People often comment that government moves slowly, and I agree. However, after doing this job for 8 years, I can tell you government isn’t intentionally slow, it’s deliberate. There’s a stark difference in the two. Your government does significant due dilligence, and communicates the proces. This process takes time. Each day I work to prevent bottlenecks in that vital process, so projects can be properly vetted in a way that serves our community in a shorter timeline. I’ll keep working to that end, but never in a way that would sacrifice transparency, quality of service, or public trust.

Accepting results: 50 words aren’t necessary, just one. Absolutely.

Involving residents: We currently have many opportunites to stay involved in decisions that are made with tax dollars. Let’s not short-sell encouraging attendance at public meetings. Whether it’s Common Council, a project engagement meeting, Plan Commission, or Redevelopment Commission, there are many ways to be heard and stay involved on all projects in Richmond. There are often opportunities to attend specific planning meetings with developers, planners, or even INDOT regarding upcoming projects. We also make information available at our city website, and link to state portals to find even more. This additional information can include timelines, closures, budgets for projects, and more.

… Today, we’re on the cusp of changing our trajectory for the next 50 years, and cementing our city’s success for the next generation. With more careful, deliberate, passionate, visionary management, we can continue to create a city that we love to call home. We just need to keep going.

Dave Snow

$5 million: $1 million would be set aside for downtown business owners to renovate and upgrade their buildings to get ready for downtown’s next exciting chapter. We’re seeing a troubling trend nationwide of individuals who are having a hard time finding housing. City government (any city) is not well equipped or properly funded to handle this crisis. I’d invest $2 million into services to help people find proper shelter and services to get back on their feet. $1 million would be invested in attracting additional high-paying employers. Additional investments in the Industrial Park could help land our next big employer. The final $1 million would go toward emergency response. There are many ways we could invest that money over Police, Fire, and Paramedicine that would greatly benefit Richmond. Even without this imaginary windfall, I think we can make these things happen with some proper planning, some tenacity, and a lot of teamwork.

Other: We must not think of Richmond as a finished city. When we do that, we rob our beuatiful city of it’s full potential. Richmond is still blooming, thriving, and growing to it’s highest capabilities. We have an amazing history, an authenticity, a special landscape of greenery and architecture that few cities can rival, as well as a unified, resilient, hard working community. These ingredients are sure to secure us a very bright future. We have worked arm in arm with you, and the businesses and organizations you represent, to bring our story to a pivotal point. Today, we’re on the cusp of changing our trajectory for the next 50 years, and cementing our city’s success for the next generation. With more careful, deliberate, passionate, visionary management, we can continue to create a city that we love to call home. We just need to keep going.

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A version of this article appeared in the October 4 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.