Anne Taylor is running for Common Council District 5 in Richmond, Indiana as a Republican candidate in the 2023 general election.

2023 Election Guide

Western Wayne News 2023 Election Guide

The Western Wayne News asked candidates in contested races for the Nov. 7 general election the same nine questions.

  1. What are two specific reasons you decided to run for this office? (100 words or less.)
  2. If elected/re-elected, what are your top three priorities for your time in office? (150 words or less.)
  3. What are two specific skills you would bring to the office to benefit constituents, if elected/re-elected? (100 words or less.)
  4. What’s one aspect of the government body you’re seeking to join or lead that you think is working well and should continue? (100 words or less.)
  5. What’s one aspect of the body you’re seeking to join or lead that you think needs to change, and what specific action(s) would you pursue to change it? (100 words or less.)
  6. Will you accept the results of the election process even if you are not elected/re-elected? (50 words or less.)
  7. Beyond encouraging attendance at public meetings, how do you plan to involve residents in decision making processes that the office you seek is a part of? (100 words or less.)
  8. If you received a $5 million grant to improve our community any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why? (150 words or less.)
  9. Any other comments you’d like to share about your candidacy? (150 words or less.)

Candidates were given a month’s time to respond with a firm deadline. We share their answers, unedited from their original form, here and in our print editions.

For full election coverage, visit the Western Wayne News 2023 Election Guide.

Anne Taylor

Reasons: Our city has reached a tipping point. As someone who is heavily invested in the success of the city, I could not stand around and wait to take action. Richmond must become proactive in the advancement of the city in order to compete in today’s world.

Priorities: If elected, my top three priorities will focus on the issues that we are having in our city right now.

Crime prevention- If elected, I will work with our public safety officials to make Richmond safe again. We cannot grow as a city and be competitive with the perception of violence. I will work with our public safety officials to provide them the tools that they need and hold them accountable.

Small Business friendly- it is time to start supporting the businesses that have built our community. Attracting new business means nothing when you’ve let the very foundation of your city rot away.

Unison- we have many voices but, together we can be one. It is time to work for the people who put us here. Elected officials work for their constituents, and I intend to prove that.

Skills: My experience in management, finance and real estate makes me the ideal candidate for city council. During that time, I have worked with residential and commercial investors and community stakeholders. My experience as a realtor has allowed me to understand and assess current market trends and strategies. If elected, I will leverage my skills and expertise to help Richmond grow and become a competitive market leader attracting the best and brightest to our city.

Working well: I really like the work that our Economic Development Team is doing in recruiting new industry to our area. I am hopeful to help this development through solidifying our foundation of local and small business first. By strengthening our foundation, we allow ourselves to compete for new businesses with sustainable local infrastructure. To be clear, we cannot hope to compete and attract new businesses when we do not take care of our small businesses first. How do you attract and build when you’re standing in ashes. I am excited to collaborate with this team and build Richmond!

… There are so many worthy causes in this city that could benefit greatly from 5 million dollars. I would find ways to increase parking in our downtown and depot district that have been hindered so badly by the current administration’s blunders. …

Anne Taylor

Needs changing: City Council has to become more vocal and more involved in the community that elected them. We are seeing decisions that are being made that do not adequately reflect the wants or needs of our local community. I don’t think this is done maliciously but, there must be a better outreach to those that put us in office. We also cannot just let things pass without questioning them. The people of Richmond deserve to be represented as their lives depend on it, because their lives do.

Accepting results: Election fraud is a profoundly serious offense. I must accept that our local voting system will honor and uphold the law and therefore, I will accept the voting results.

Involving residents: Candidate Ron Oler has a great initiative that he is wanting to push if elected as Mayor of Richmond. This initiative is the formation of a community advisory committee. The committee is comprised of non-elected leaders of the community who are invested and involved in our city. These committee members will then hear proposals and ideas and provide insight to the city government. I fully support this initiative and believe that all of our voices in Richmond should be heard, not just one.

$5 million: There are so many worthy causes in this city that could benefit greatly from 5 million dollars. I would find ways to increase parking in our downtown and depot district that have been hindered so badly by the current administration’s blunders. I would decrease the blight in our community and find ways to turn them into profitable areas such as investing in a solar park at the old Reid hospital site and new commercial use. I would also invest in a partnership between the city and county to establish a funded animal shelter. This would address the current abandoned pet epidemic in our city. Investing in low cost spays and neuters to help control the pet population. We have so many issues in our city that need attention now. I would take action, because we clearly see that inaction is an action.

Other: Richmond is a beautiful city with rich history and a bright future if we act now. My candidacy is focused on making Richmond a competitive and attractive place to live and do business. My experience in real estate markets and management will serve our city well and guide our decisions toward industry standard and expectations. We will reduce the violent crime rate through community policing, increase community outreach and solidify our existing infrastructure of local and small businesses to make Richmond a place that you would want to be. The goal of my candidacy will be for the feeling of pride when you tell folks who aren’t from around here that you are from Richmond, Indiana! The greatest accomplishments in human history were times that we gathered together for a common goal. Imagine what we could do to our home and community if we had that same mindset!

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A version of this article appeared in the October 11 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.