Centerville currently has a water leak of 70 gallons per minute that hasn’t surfaced.

Town Manager Kevin Slick hired an outside company to investigate the leak’s source, but they didn’t find it.

Town employees will continue “hit-and-miss” checking for up to three months because further high-tech investigation is costly, he said.  

Residents with any information about the leak are encouraged to contact town hall at 765-855-5515.

At its May 30 meeting, council also:

  • Switched the town’s agent of record from EPIC in Richmond to Turner & Shepherd Insurance in Centerville. Centerville officials requested EPIC change the town’s health insurance provider for 2023 to save money, but they say the switch wasn’t made, resulting in higher bills than expected, and they’ve noted communication difficulties. 
  • Approved purchase of portable power distribution centers up to $12,000, or that amount to upgrade electrical equipment at Maplewood Park before Archway Days in August. Slick prefers mobile units usable for other events and he’s hoping to save as much as $5,000 with that choice. Aging, corroded poles led to many tripped breakers at last year’s festival. 
  • Approved a resolution declaring its interest in looking at a property without committing to a purchase. 
  • Heard from Deen Rogers at Baker Tilly about new tax credits helping to make some clean energy projects 30 to 50% cheaper for towns. Funding comes through the Inflation Reduction Act. Baker Tilly will investigate whether Centerville’s anticipated electrical substation and line upgrade qualifies.
  • Noted the receipt of a five-year financial plan from Baker Tilly. Wandersee urged the council’s review before the consultant attends July’s meeting.
  • Approved a $14,870.40 replacement of eight aging computers and related equipment for the clerk-treasurer and his staff with American Rescue Plan funds. 
  • Wandersee appointed Police Chief Ed Buchholz to replace Building Commissioner Kevin Branson as Centerville’s planning commission because of conflicts “that are coming up.”
  • Renewed a tax abatement for the third year for the town’s solar park.

This article was updated June 16, 2023 to correct statements about the amount of water being leaked. An earlier version, based on difficult to hear remarks made during a council meeting, reported that the leak was “7,000 gallons a minute,” while the actual number is 70 gallons a minute, or about 100,800 gallons a day.

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A version of this article appeared in the June 7 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.