A group of students and educators stand together to show off certificates of recognition
Model Legislature participants from Centerville Senior High School were recognized by school board members and administrators at their Oct. 12 meeting. From left, Lorelei Guenther, Savannah Davis, school board President Todd Duke, Emily Kaucher, Cameron Stiggleman, Tizeta Jarvis, Ben Schweitzer, Drake Shadle, co-adviser Sean Stevenson, Ali Hemmserling, co-adviser Phil Stevenson. Supplied

Centerville-Abington Community Schools’ teachers will receive a minimum salary increase of $6,303 through their newly approved 2022-2023 district contract.

Superintendent Mike McCoy said that negotiations aren’t always smooth sailing, but he appreciates the opportunity to have professional conversations with Centerville Education Association leaders to find solutions.

McCoy also said he’s pleased the district could provide a pay increase for teachers that helps show appreciation for their hard work and gets CACS “to where we need to be legally.” Indiana lawmakers implemented salary schedule requirements that have taken effect during this school year. For example, full-time teachers must make a minimum of $40,000 per year.

McCoy is hopeful the increase helps retain good teachers and that when positions are open, that the salary attracts quality candidates.

CEA President Brad Ream thanked McCoy and the administration team for the negotiations and said it’s a blessing to be in a district where the two sides work so well together.

School board members approved the contract with a 4-0 vote at their Oct. 19 meeting. Board member Susan Hamilton was absent.

Upcoming renovations

The board approved design contracts with Moake Park architectural firm for replacing the junior high’s cooling tower and plans to replace windows and four doorway entrances in bad shape at Centerville-Abington Elementary.

The cooling tower has been leaking and causing structural steel rusting and deterioration. A new tower would be relocated to a more appropriate location on the first-floor roof adjacent to the mechanic room, with piping going into a locker room shower. The floor structure of the mechanical room also will be replaced because of the leakage over several years. The project is expected to cost at least $325,000.

The remaining windows, glass block and structural steel lintels from the 1952, 1956 and 1959 sections of the building will be replaced for an estimated minimum of $500,000.

Thor Construction officials told McCoy that nearly all the grading and site work has been completed at the Centerville-Abington Elementary addition. After a supply delay, metal panels are expected to arrive in mid-November.

Several projects were planned this week while CACS is on fall break. Playground swings and additional smoke detectors were to be installed, paving is planned on the path around the CARES childcare door, as well as repairing bad patches of concrete near the concession stand.

Aging sidewalks on the west side of the elementary will be torn out and replaced. The sidewalk’s cost of about $14,000 is being shared with the town.

Outdated, failing camera systems in eight buses are being replaced, and instead of using three different systems, all bus cameras are compatible.

Site work is continuing for the transportation center’s new home. Experts have determined the soil at the basketball courts is not of sufficient quality, and needs to be removed at a depth of 4 to 5 feet and replaced. In addition, although there was concern that a cement floor might be in the structure underneath the old basketball court, none was found.

In other October business

Technology loan: The board approved the district’s Technology Common School Loan Application to send to the state. It will seek to borrow $173,100 for a mix of technology expenses, such as switches, fiber optics, Dell computers and cameras.

School improvement meeting: Board member Brad Lambright said he attended the Centerville-Abington Elementary School Improvement Plan meeting. He said it was one of its best attended meetings in recent memory with at least eight parents and some teachers, and that the parents asked good questions. Some of the topics included communication between parents and school officials and concerns regarding the new student dropoff and pickup pattern.

Student recognition: The board recognized Centerville Senior High School students who participated in the regional Model Legislature’s 49th year.

Centerville’s delegation included governor and Speaker of the House, and Bulldogs earned three out of the four Outstanding Party Member awards. Honored students: Drake Shadle, Zack Hugo, Aubrey Morgan, Allison Hemmerling, Cameron Stiggleman, Alec Erbse, Savannah Davis, Tizeta Jarvis, Anna Davis, Ella Claypoole, Aubree Booher, Sydney Miles, Lorelei Guenther, Lillyan Dickerson, Ben Schweitzer, Anna Schweitzer and Emily Kaucher.

Retired Superintendent Phil Stevenson, who serves as co-adviser with Assistant Superintendent Sean Stevenson, said he was looking forward to the program’s 50th year. Both said they enjoyed working with students from participating schools around the region. They recognized the extra work that student leaders put in, coming in before school to learn about parliamentary procedure and other topics.

The board also celebrated the boys tennis team and girl golfers for their season accomplishments.

Stipend for drivers: The board will pay bus drivers for three hours spent attending new safety training programs on topics such as bloodborne pathogens. The training will be included in their contract in the future.

Talent show: In December ten teachers and staff plan to perform in the high school drama club’s newly approved fundraiser called Centerville Staff’s Got Talent.

Approved donations: The Archway Days festival donated $300 for CSHS cheerleaders and $200 for the band; Richard Hughes gave $300 for boys tennis; Reid Health Community Benefit gave $1,600 to the athletic department; and Cathy and Phil Stevenson gave $500 for Model Legislature.

Employment updates

  • Resignations: Morgan Douglas, Rose Hamilton cafeteria; Judy McDonald, CSHS cafeteria; Amber Crail, part-time custodian and Dakota Maupin, special ed aide, both at Centerville Elementary; Sheri Lucas, assistant high school swim coach
  • New hire: Augusta Fox, corporation school nurse; girls basketball coaches Victoria Bevins (grade 5) and Mika Frame (seventh grade)
  • Transfer: Richard “Beau” Bryant from high school special ed aide to Rose Hamilton custodian
  • Pending hires: Long-term substitute Paula King; boys basketball coaches Travis Kohn (grade 5) and Jason Burdette (grade 7); girls basketball coaches Brooks Baker (grade 8) and Julie Meredith (grade 6)
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Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.