Cambridge City’s town council quickly conducted a special year-end meeting to finalize employee pay and benefits for 2024, accept a $5,000 donation and transfer some funds. 

As discussed during the fall budgeting process, salaried employees will receive a 3% raise next year, and pay was adjusted for hourly employees as well. 

Richard Roberts, the town’s marshal, will receive 5% more. Some communities are trying to increase law enforcement pay to retain officers when vacancies have become challenging to fill. 

A total of $360,000 was budgeted for police officers’ salaries, in addition to $20,000 earmarked for police overtime as needed. 

Full-time employees will pay 15% of their own health/life insurance premium through the town’s group plan ($35.99 weekly for employees, $66.59 employee/child, $71.99 employee/spouse and $102.58 employee/family). 

To offset higher insurance costs, the town will contribute $1,950 (an increase of $300) toward employees’ Health Savings Account. Workers must pay the entire cost of vision or dental coverage.   

Temporary workers will receive at least $11 per hour. 

Town council members will receive a 3% raise. Their pay is $3,321.84 per year. 

Volunteer firefighters receive a share of $16,000, depending on points they’ve earned for each fire or EMS run, meeting, work detail and events attended, and training and certifications. Last year’s fund to share was $14,500. Each receives a combined $200 clothing and vehicle allowance.

Steve Sorah, Debbie McGinley and Michael Amick voted yes on the salary ordinance, while Jeff Mardis and Jim McLane were absent from the Dec. 18 meeting.  


Council voted to transfer a total of $19,790 from three funds within the general fund ($10,000 from medical and/or health insurance, $7,000 from police gas and oil, and $2,790 from heat) to offset other general fund expenses. 

That money will go to these needs: Marshal and deputies, $4,000; police repairs and maintenance, $4,400; water, $60; sewer, $150; cemetery repairs and maintenance, $4,200; park repairs and maintenance, $5,300; hydrant rental, $170; maintenance contracts, $110; and police equipment, $1,400. 


Council gratefully approved a $5,000 donation from the Lawrence H. Bertsch American Legion Post 169 to Cambridge City’s police department. 

Council’s next meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 8, in town hall, 127 N. Foote St. It will include a public hearing regarding the town’s Hoosier Enduring Legacy Program  

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A version of this article appeared in the January 3 2024 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.