Cambridge City council is taking action regarding blight, police matters and dog waste, and warns Pershing that it must pay for fire protection or that service will be cut off soon.  

Here are some of the topics discussed during April 16 and 23 meetings. 


  • Current officer Jeramiah Lawson will replace Christa Brown as a Western Wayne Schools resource officer, effective July 1. Brown has accepted a job at Northeastern Wayne Schools. Lawson will continue to help CCPD and work the road during school breaks as permitted.
  • Chief Richard Roberts received approval to hire Dillon Pitcher at $54,000 as a new officer. Pitcher will start May 2. 
  • The salary ordinance was amended to give Cpl. Seth Biava the title of sergeant and an annual raise of $1,800 yearly. 
  • Biava presented an 80/20 reimbursement grant to purchase new radar equipment costing $4,219. CCPD would receive $3,375 minus shipping and handling.


Darlena Roberts attended to discuss 411 and 415 W. Front St. that she owns. Council previously agreed with Ken Risch, superintendent of public works, that they were unsafe. 

In March, council told Roberts that a plan of action and a written quote from buyer(s) would be needed by April’s meeting to prevent demolition, but both weren’t provided.

Town Attorney Bob Bever asked Risch to obtain three official demolition bids by May’s meeting. 

Risch also gave updates about other investigations. 

  • He’ll send preliminary unsafe building letters for 314 W. Main St., 617 E. Church and a home at South Walnut and College. 
  • Fines were issued for 502 E. Main St. ($200) and 140 E. Church St. ($100).
  • Police will tag inoperable vehicles at 14 N. Plum St.

President Jim McLane advised council about new steps in qualifying for Wayne County’s new blight elimination program. Councilors Mike Amick and Gary Cole will work with Risch to ensure properties have been deemed unsafe by the July 1 deadline to qualify. The county will reimburse demolition costs. 

Council approved an electrical ordinance regarding fees for building and inspection. 

Fire: Pershing’s town council hasn’t signed its 2024 contract. They will be sent a letter offering 30 days to sign the contract or Cambridge City will terminate all fire protection services. 

Bever will review volunteer fire department bylaws. Chief Jeff Gabbard is hoping to add new members to the department.

Pets: Risch will remove the dog waste bags and can from Bicentennial Park and will order a sign stating “no dogs allowed” in this park to address dying grass from animal waste. 

Park: Risch recommended new horseshoe pits be parallel to the shelter house and away from the disc golf area.

Water: Council approved two $4,000 water audits for in-town and industrial park systems presented by Wessler Engineering and signed a certificate of substantial completion for Phase 1B industrial park project. A wellhead protection plan for the new well was discussed and council supported preparation of a preliminary engineering report.

Events: Marty Troxell received permission to host a June 8 jar show in Creitz Park. 

Approved donations: $470 from Premier Maintenance and $2,015 from sales of plush K-9 dogs, both to benefit CCPD; six patio chairs and a table from Lowe’s to the fire department. 

Repairs: Council hired M.L. Taylor Construction to remove and straighten the gutter and replace fascia at town hall for $1,525.  

Hire: Jarrett Sheets will be a part-time seasonal laborer at $11 per hour.

Planning: Council approved the Wayne County Mitigation Plan written by Matthew Cain, the county’s Emergency Management Agency director. The plan aims to guide the county in a risk-based approach to preventing, mitigating, preparing, responding and recovering from disasters that may threaten the county’s citizens.

Fuel: Jason DeBoo from Co-Alliance described a potential shared fuel system for town buildings. A one-time fee for the software system is $3,990. There would be no charge for the tanks or a need for a signed contract. Each transaction would register the amount of fuel and the user. Council asked for a proposal and a written quote and for DeBoo to attend May’s meeting.

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A version of this article appeared in the May 1 2024 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.