Centerville-Abington Community Schools’ board is hopeful that a pay raise will help retain support staff.

Currently, those employees receive a pay bump of 10 cents per hour after seven years.

Administrators recommended changing the incentive to a 25-cent hourly longevity increase after five years, plus offering a 4% raise for all non-certified staff.

Substitute teachers will receive $85 instead of $75 as the district catches up with nearby raises.

Administrators will receive a $2,000 increase, along with the same Teacher Appreciation Grant that educators receive. The amount is yet to be determined, based on state funding.

The board unanimously approved all increases.

In other business:

  • Conducted a first reading of artificial intelligence policies for building-level handbooks, tying those concerns to plagiarism. If approved, parents will be notified. McCoy said teachers get acquainted with students’ writing styles and recognize when they’re different from usual and sound like AI. If they have suspicions, teachers can enter text into a program for further analysis.
  • Approved a proposal from Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce to paint activities onto Centerville-Abington Elementary’s playground. They’ll follow the Minds in Motion approach to learning. Helping Young Professionals Engage (HYPE) members will volunteer and provide supplies next year with help from a grant.
  • Chamber and Main Street Centerville originally approached town officials about painting Maplewood Park sidewalks. Councilors were concerned about potential vandalism and costs to add lighting and cameras where they felt the project would best fit in the park.
  • Conducted a first reading of board policies on test security provisions for statewide assessments; use of physical intervention, seclusion and restraint; suspension/expulsion, search and seizure; care and supervision; employee ethics; internal financial controls and reporting losses/shortages/thefts; and purchasing procedures and capital assets. A vote is expected at the 7 p.m. Nov. 29 meeting.
  • Discussed a request from local representatives encouraging CACS to approve LifeWise Academy, a national voluntary off-site school-day pullout program for religious instruction. The board agreed to follow its policy for administrators to respond to the group after concluding research.
  • Approved a calendar for 2024 board meetings. Most are the second and fourth Wednesdays, but they’re rescheduled in March, June, October and November around vacations. One meeting is planned in December.
  • Approved Phil and Cathy Stevenson’s $1,000 donation to Centerville Senior High School’s Business Professionals of America.
  • Approved a quote from Leslie Coatings to resurface tennis courts. Coaches are concerned about safety hazards. The work was last done in 2015.

Personnel updates

  • New hires: Nathan Rigsby and Tammy Andis, substitutes; Marcia Frame, eighth grade girls basketball coach.
  • Transfers: Sierra Searcy, from long-term sub to second grade teacher; Elizabeth Leeth, from CSHS day custodian to evening custodian
  • Pending hire: Yvonne Berry, CAE evening custodian and substitute bus driver
  • Departures: Samantha Steiner, second grade teacher; Beau Bryant, Rose Hamilton day custodian; Tammy Leffel, CAE evening custodian; Logan Grays, bus aide
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A version of this article appeared in the November 15 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Millicent Martin Emery is a reporter and editor for the Western Wayne News.