Most of Wayne County’s school districts are delaying the start of classes Friday, Feb. 18, to give more time for road conditions to improve.

Temperatures plunged below freezing Thursday night after heavy rains all day. Western Wayne Schools cited flooding as one of the reasons school is delayed.

South Henry


*Western Wayne Schools: 90-minute delay. WWES will have a 10 a.m. start. Latch-key will open at 8 a.m. There will be NO morning Pre-K.

*Nettle Creek School Corporation:  90-minute delay

*Centerville-Abington Community Schools: 2-hour delay

*Richmond Community Schools: 2-hour delay.  Buses will run two hours later than usual. There will be no morning preschool classes at Charles, Crestdale, Fairview, and Westview.

*Seton Catholic Schools: 2-hour delay

*Fayette County Schools: 2-hour delay

*New Castle Community School Corp: 2-hour delay

*Randolph Central, Randolph Eastern, Randolph Southern: 2-hour delay

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