A face shield for healthcare workers.

Wayne County Health Department has depleted its inventory of N95 and surgical masks, face shields, gowns and goggles for local nursing homes and seeks more donations of those items for those local facilities.

The county health department has been working with local nursing homes since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and has been issuing personal protective equipment (PPE) to these facilities.

As of April 20, the county health department has issued the following personal protective equipment to the 11 local nursing home facilities:
• 3,210 N95 masks
• 1,500 surgical masks
• 329 face shields
• 294 medical gowns
• 3,000 pairs of exam gloves
• 38 pairs of goggles
• 5 face masks with filters

Its starting inventory was calculated by storage capacity and the ability to rotate expiring equipment.

As of now, the health department is still in good standing with medical exam gloves, but the rest of its inventory is depleted.

If anyone has any PPE they would like to donate or knows of anyone that would like to donate, contact Dan Burk at (765) 973-9245. All donated PPE will be disseminated among local nursing homes.

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