At 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19, the Wayne County Commissioners declared a Level II Essential Travel Permitted Snow Emergency to be in effect in Wayne County, the City of Richmond and the Town of Centerville.
And, as of 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Fayette County has declared a Level III snow emergency, restricting travel.
About an hour earlier, Fayette County 9-1-1 shared on social media, “The roads in Fayette County are slick and hazardous. There have been numerous slide-offs. Please avoid travel.”

Wayne County
With continued snowfall, and anticipated blowing and drifting of snow, road conditions have deteriorated rapidly this evening.
This snow emergency shall remain in effect until weather and road conditions improve sufficiently to ensure routine safe travel.
During a Level II Essential Travel Permitted Snow Emergency, only essential travel will be permitted on county roads and city streets. This declaration does not include state or federal highways (examples- Interstate 70, U.S. 40, Indiana 1, U.S. 35, U.S. 27, S.R. 38, S.R. 227, S.R. 121).
Essential travel is defined in the ordinance as:

 Travel to and from work and school
 Travel to obtain essential medical care
 Travel to obtain essential prescription medications
 Travel to obtain essential supply of food or fuel
 Travel to obtain safe shelter
 Travel of emergency vehicles and emergency workers

Vehicle operators traveling for essential purposes are required to operate their vehicles safely and with all caution necessary for the existing conditions. Any travel may be significantly delayed. Plan to travel by main roads and allow for extra driving time. Motorists who become stranded risk injury if exposed to existing conditions. Do not take un-
necessary chances.
Travel for non-essential purposes is prohibited. Violators may be fined up to $150.
Parking on all county roads and their right-of-way is prohibited. Vehicles which are found parked in violation of this order will be removed at the owner’s expense.
Vehicles which are stalled, stranded or found abandoned on county roads or their right-of-way will also be removed at the owner’s expense.
The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department will maintain information on any vehicle towed or removed form a county road during this emergency. The Sheriff’s Department may be contacted at (765) 973-9393 for information concerning the disposition of any vehicle removed. The vehicle owner must pay any towing, storage or other fees before the vehicle may be released.
Questions concerning this Level II Essential Travel Permitted Snow Emergency may be directed to: Wayne County Emergency Management Agency, (765) 973-9399.
If emergency assistance is needed or, to report an emergency incident, call 9-1-1.
For information, other assistance or to report damage, call the Emergency Management Agency at (765) 973-9399.

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