Cora Schmitz's decorated books qualified for Indiana State Fair in the cake decorating contest. Photo by Millicent Martin Emery

Nearly 80 projects created by Wayne County 4-Hers are advancing to Indiana State Fair. 

Here are the categories and the students who qualified to compete in Indianapolis. The state fair takes place Aug. 2-18. 

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Wedding cake decorated by Avery Schmitz is headed to Indiana State Fair. Photo by Millicent Martin Emery
  • Aerospace: Blake Munchel, Michael Hunter, Jaxson Coffin
  • Arts and crafts: John Quigg and Lauren Freeman, basketry; Tessa Fansher, ceramics-greenware, Holly Trotter, ceramics-hand molded; Rowan Mathews, leathercraft
  • Beekeeping: Emersyn VanDuyne, Lila Melton
  • Cake decorating: Cora Schmitz, Avery Schmitz
  • Cat poster or display: Seth Taylor
  • Computer: Alexander Lerner
  • Construction and architectural replica: Jacob Myers, farm scene
  • Consumer Clothing: Lucille Byrum, Jordan Maupin
  • Electric: Connor Munchel, Cole Hubacher, Michael Hunter
  • Fine arts: Gretta Smith, Evelyn Lerner
  • Floriculture: Amalia Lerner, floral display
  • Foods (Baked): Sunny Canterbury, Alice Kostiuk, Asher Mackie, Dylan Oden, Katelyn Lumpkin, Andie Rushing, Gavin Belanga, Lauren Freeman, Jordan Maupin, Kathryn Brunton
  • Foods (Preserved): Alexander Lerner, Michael Hunter, Jordan Maupin, Caleb Lester
  • Forestry: Jacob Farmer
  • Geology: Bryson Wieseke, Jaxson Coffin
  • Health: Abigail Lumpkin
  • Llama-Alpaca poster or display: Ella Summitt
  • Model craft: Lane Brown
  • Needle craft: Emma Griffey
  • Photography: Kian Derenski, Ella Summitt, Charleigh Schnitzius, Mallory Summitt, Luke Brock, Breanna Day (two), Brooke Stuart, Taylor Lumpkin
  • Sewing construction (non-wearable): Lucille Byrum, Vivian Bane, Natalie Byrum, Miles Bane, Mackenzie Bane
  • Sewing construction (wearable): Preston Bean, Maebry Bell, Rylee Geerts, Lydia Herr, Liliana Hiltner, Aubrey Bihl
  • Shooting sports education: Evan Mullin, Caleb Byrum, Haylee Brown
  • Sport fishing: Elija Elgin, Ryan Lafuze
  • Veterinary science: Mallory Summitt, Kylee Kidd
  • Weather and climate science: Kian Derenski, Michael Hunter 
  • Wildlife: Emersyn VanDuyne, Amalia Lerner
  • Woodworking: Gracie Andrews, Miles Bane, Brice Spears, Dawson Bell
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A version of this article appeared in the July 10 2024 print edition of the Western Wayne News.