Overnight accommodations
Cambridge City Christian Church at 106 W. Church St. in Cambridge City opened Tuesday night for anyone needing a nice, warm place to stay, and will remain open until at least Thursday at noon. If you plan to stay overnight, please bring some bedding. Coffee, drinks and snacks provided as well as games, movies and WiFi.

Resurrected Church, 503 Main St. (U.S. 40) in Pershing will be open as a warming center from 3 p.m. Wednesday until Friday morning for anyone in need.

Warming stations from Wayne County Emergency Management
With the onset of continued cold temperatures expected tonight and continuing thru Friday, we have updated the list of warming stations throughout Wayne County. The following warming stations are on-call to protect citizens who may be without heat in the ongoing winter weather.

Warming stations are intended for short-term use and will have minimal accommodations. Persons who intend to utilize the warming stations should call the designated contact prior to arrival. Take your family’s emergency supply kit with you when going to a warming station. Please bring any personal medications that will be required along with personal care items, snacks and items to occupy your time such as books, magazines and electronics.


Central United Methodist Church
1425 East Main St
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-962-8543
Thursday 1/30/19 8AM-4:30PM

Genesis of the YWCA
15 So. 11th St.
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-966-0538
Thursday 9:30AM – 8PM

Mount Olive Baptist Church
1108 No. 8th St.
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-966-5152
Thursday 1/30/19 9AM- Noon

Morrison Reeves Library
80 No. 6th St.
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-966-8291
Thursday 1/30/19 9:30AM-8PM

Rock Solid Ministries
1024 E. Main St.
Richmond, IN 47374
Contact: David Eales or Helen Manning
Phone: 765-962-5099
Hours Available: T-TH-F 9am-2pm

Richmond Community Senior Center
1600 S 2nd St, Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 983-7300
7:30am-4pm Thursday
This site will be set up to serve youth
with parental supervision.

Richmond Fire Department- Station #1
101 So. 5th St
Richmond, IN 47374 Thurs. 1/31/19 if needed
Phone: 765-983-7266
Hours Available: 7PM- 7AM
This site will be serving for warming purpose and
is not set up to accommodate overnight stays.

Richmond Fire Department- Station #5
1971 West Main St.
Richmond, IN 47374 Thurs 1/31/19 if needed
Phone: 765-983-7364
Hours Available: 7PM-7AM
This site will be serving for warming purpose and
is not set up to accommodate overnight stays.


Abington Fire Department
4618 Pottershop Rd.
Centerville, IN 47330
Station # 765-855-3950
Contact: Shawn Phenis
Phone: 765-541-1282


Cambridge City Fire Department
127 W, Maple St.
Cambridge City, IN 47327
Station # 765-478-9676
Contact: Jeff Gabbard
Phone: 765-541-0964 or 765-478-5656


Centerville Fire/Rescue
414 So. Morton Ave.
Centerville, IN 47330
Station # 765-855-3889
Contact: Dennis Spears
Phone: 765-967-0028


Dublin Fire Department
2248 E. Cumberland St.
Dublin, IN 47335
Station # 765-478-1266
Contact: Jerry Myers or Contact: Nathan Ulerick
Phone: 765-969-7382 Phone: 765-914-5403


Economy Fire Department
138 Poplar St.
Economy, IN 47339
Station # 765-886-5594
Contact: Gregg Moore or Contact: Brett Leland
Phone: 765-914914-8251 Phone: 765-541-1766


Fountain City Fire Department
312 W. Main St.
Fountain City, IN 47341
Station # 765-847-5305
Contact: Jeff Himelick
Phone: 765-914-2151
or 765-847-2829


Greens Fork Fire Department
114 E. Pearl St.
Greens Fork, IN 47345
Station # 765-886-5542
Contact: Rick Stewart
Phone: 765-967-0787


Hagerstown Fire Department
151 No. Plum St.
Hagerstown, IN 47346
Station # 765-489-5404
Contact: Rick Cole
Phone: 765-238-0315

First Hagerstown United Methodist Church
199 S. Perry St.
Hagerstown, IN 47346
Contact: John Huff
Church Office: 765-489-4558
Hours Available: M-Th 9am-3pm


Milton Fire Department
200 E. Walnut St.
Milton, IN 47357
Station # 765-478-4727
Contact: Dick Pollitt
Phone: 765-413-4135


Resurrected Church
503 Main St.
Pershing, IN
Contact: Scott Powell
Phone: 765-993-6238
Wednesday 1/30/19 3PM thru Friday 2/1/19 AM


Webster Fire Department
5122 Main St.
Webster, IN 47392
Station # 765-935-1585
Contact: Kevin Fouche or Contact: Troy McCauley Phone: 765-969-3978 Phone: 765-993-2921


Williamsburg Fire Department
8323 No. Centerville Rd.
Williamsburg, IN 47393
Station # 765-886-6122
Contact: Josh Smith or Contact: Bryan Spears
Phone: 765-277-2594 Phone: 765-967-7288

Be prepared for the cold winter weather – get helpful information from the CDC’s Extreme Cold Guide at :

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