Special programs
The following is a list of new and special programs for the week of 3/22/2020 – 3/28/2020:
WGTV Channel 11
• Wayne County Connection – Tuesday, March 24 @ 6:00pm
Replay of a previous show focusing on emergency management.
Host: Michael Sweigart.
• IN Focus – Thursday, 3/26 @ 6:00pm
WCTV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests to be announced.

WETV Channel 20
• Chamber Chat – Tuesday, March 24 @ 8:00pm
Join Melissa Vance for a conversation about Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Christine Stinson of the Wayne Co. Health Department and Craig Kinyon from Reid Health, followed by Adam and Becky Melton discussing how small businesses are coping during this difficult time.
• NAIA Men’s Basketball – Wednesday, March 25 @ 10:00pm
Replay of the River States Conference quarterfinal game between the IU East Red Wolves and Midway University played 2/26/20.
• Civic Hall Presents – Friday, March 27 @ 10:00pm
Performance by the Purdue Glee Club and the Singing Hoosiers. Recorded on February 22, 2020 at Civic Hall Performing Arts Center in Richmond, Indiana.
• NAIA Men’s Basketball – Saturday, March 28 @ 7:00pm
Replay of the River States Conference championship game between IU East and IU Kokomo played March 3, 2020.

• From The Vault – Friday, 3/27
This week’s selection of programs from WCTV’s archives of past shows, musical performances and other entertainment:
o 4:00pm P-I Live
Subject: Hope House. Guests: Pastor Dave Layman, Whitney Mays & Brian Guth.
o 5:00pm The Electric Gourmet
Featuring Lynnette Tuttle.
o 5:30pm Focus on the Arts
Louie & Francine Bellson.
o 6:00pm Focus on the Arts
Terri Logan
o 6:30pm City Connections
2007 Starr-Gennett Celebration. Guests: Beth Surles, Karen Montgomery and Tony Foster. Host: Mayor Sally Hutton.
o 7:00pm The Barber of Seville
Performance by the Whitewater Opera Company.

WGTV Online is having some issues after an equipment upgrade, so WCTV staff are posting government meetings to their YouTube channelYouTube channelYouTube channel for the time being:

Government meetings
The following public meetings will air live or in replay on Whitewater Community Television’s WGTV cable channel 11. For more information, call (765) 973-8488 or visit www.wctv.info. Replays of government meetings are available on WGTV Online, WCTV’s Video on Demand site.

Sunday, March 22
2am & 7pm Wayne County Commissioners (03-18)
4am Wayne County Council (03-04)
4:17am Wayne County Council Finance Committee (03-04)
5am Western Wayne Sewer Board (03-16)
6am Hagerstown Town Council (03-02)
8am & 1pm IN Focus (Replay) WCTV’s weekly public affairs program. Join host Eric Marsh for a conversation with Wayne County Commissioner Ken Paust and Dr. Thomas Huth of Reid Health.
10am Board of Zoning Appeals (03-12)
2pm RP&L Board (03-16)
2:17 Richmond Common Council (03-16)
4pm Greens Fork Council (03-12)
9pm Richmond Park Board (03-12)

Monday, March 23
3am & 8am Board of Zoning Appeals (03-12)
1pm Wayne Co SWCD Annual meeting (02-03)
2:30pm Richmond Redevelopment Commission (03-10)
3pm Centerville Town Council (03-10)
4pm Richmond Sanitary District Board (03-10)
4:54pm Storm Water Management Board (03-10)
5pm Wayne County Council (03-04)
5:17 Wayne County Council Finance Committee (03-04)
6pm Western Wayne Sewer Board (03-16)
7pm RP&L Board of Directors (03-16)
7:16pm Richmond Common Council (03-16)
9pm Cambridge City Town Council (03-09)
Tuesday, March 24
3am & 9pm Hagerstown Town Council (03-02)
5am Richmond Sanitary District (03-10)
5:54am Storm Water Management Board (03-10)
6am & 4pm Wayne County Commissioners (03-18)
12pm Richmond Park Board (03-12)
2pm Dublin Town Council (03-10)
7pm Greens Fork Town Council (03-12)

Wednesday, March 25
3am & 8am RP&L Board of Directors (03-16)
3:17am & 8:17am Richmond Common Council (03-16)
5am Richmond Park Board (03-12)
10am Wayne County Council (03-04)
10:17 Wayne County Council Finance Committee (03-04)
12pm Board of Zoning Appeals (03-12)
4pm Western Wayne Sewer Board (03-16)
5pm Wayne County SWCD Annual meeting (02-03)
7pm Hagerstown Town Council (03-02)
9pm Wayne County Commissioners (03-25)

Thursday, March 26
3am & 8am Wayne County Commissioners (03-25)
5am Dublin Town Council (03-10)
11am Greens Fork Town Council (03-12)
1pm Richmond Sanitary District Board (03-10)
1:54 Storm Water Management Board (03-10)
2pm Cambridge City Town Council (03-09)
3:30pm Fountain City Town Council (03-03)
5pm Board of Public Works and Safety (LIVE)
6pm & 10:30pm IN Focus WCTV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests TBA.
7pm Richmond Advisory Plan Commission (LIVE)

Friday, March 27
5am Board of Zoning Appeals (03-12)
10am & 9pm Wayne County Commissioners (03-25)
1pm Richmond Advisory Plan Commission (03-26)
3pm Centerville Town Council (03-10)
7pm Board of Public Works and Safety (03-26)
8pm IN Focus (Replay) WCTV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests TBA.

Saturday, March 28
8am & 9pm IN Focus (Replay) WCTV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests TBA
5am Centerville Town Council (03-10)
10am Richmond Advisory Plan Commission (03-26)
12pm Wayne County Commissioners (03-25)
3pm Greens Fork Town Council (03-12)
5pm Western Wayne Sewer Board (03-16)
6pm Board of Public Works and Safety (03-26)
7pm Dublin Town Council (03-10)
8:30pm Richmond Redevelopment Commission (03-10)

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