Western Wayne News is contacting local candidates seeking election this fall in contested races to request they answer a questionnaire (all candidates for the same office receive the same questions). They were asked the following questions:

1. Please define the role of a school board member, from your perspective.

2. How do you feel your school district is responding to additional challenges presented by COVID-19?

3. Aside from COVID, what is THE most important issue facing your school system right now, and why? What can/will you do to make a difference?

4. Aside from COVID, what are the second and third most important issues you hope to address while on the board, and why?

5. Help voters understand what motivated you to run (again, if you’re an incumbent) for school board and why you are the best person for the job.


Aaron L. Stevens

Experience: Richmond Police Department, 35 years.

Education: Richmond High School

                  Indiana University

                  Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

                  Police Executive Leadership Academy

                  F.B.I. Crisis Negotiations Certification


Elected Offices: Board of School Trustees Richmond Community Schools, present.

Community Involvement:  Current:  President Richmond Neighborhood Services Clearinghouse,

                                          Chaplain, John Hennigar Fraternal Order of Police.

                                          Previous: Richmond Family YMCA Board of Trustees

                                                          Habitat For Humanities Board of Trustees


Children: Two children and both are graduates of Richmond High School.

Contact Infoastevens@richmondindiana.gov   phone: 765-914-4134


1. The primary roles of a School Board Member are threefold;

  • To hire and give direction to the Superintendent of the Corporation.
  • To govern and implement the Policies and Guidelines that direct the Corporation.
  • To be the financial overseers of the finances and operations of the Corporation.

However, in addition to these three roles, it in even more imperative that the Board Member be a visible and vocal leader in establishing a welcoming atmosphere of trust and acceptance for every member of the community.

2. COVID-19 has created difficult and unforeseen challenges for every School Corporation. The disconnect between State and National government in the handling of the challenges has placed an even greater burden on every School Board and the families they serve. Richmond Community Schools has faced those challenges in the best interest of students and families being served. Although the results have not always been pleasing to all families, Richmond Community Schools has remained willing to adjust to the needs of the community in what is still an ongoing fluid condition. All the while focusing on the greater needs of the community.

3. There is a great need for meeting the diverse needs of students and families served by Richmond Community Schools, including the vast lack of teachers and administrators representing the expanding diverse cultures in our community and School Corporation. It is important that the next Superintendent of Schools focus on the recruitment and hiring of Teachers and Administrators who will reflect the diverse needs of students and families. I feel that, in doing so, it will inspire many students who feel “left behind” due to a lack of understanding will be inspired to become better students and citizens having Teachers who can positively advocate their needs. As a Board Member, I will remain ever more focused on addressing this great concern.

4. I feel there is a great need to continue to improve the relationship with all employees of Richmond Community Schools through meeting financial and physical needs that will encourage each of them to remain inspirational leaders in our classrooms while developing and maintaining the atmosphere where each student “WANTS TO LEARN”!! In addition, there is the need to continue the efforts in place to fiscally and physically improve our buildings as we create the most positive and comfortable settings for learning in every building, every day.

5. I have committed a lifetime of serving our community as a School Board Member and the Richmond Police Department. I have considerable experience and knowledge of the needs of Richmond School Corporation and our Richmond Community as a whole. I feel that my experience as a member of the Richmond Police Department, along with my experienced as a School Board member, allow me to have insight and perspective on the needs and challenges faced by so many underserved students and families in our community. I think those two positions allow me to bring to the Board room a voice reflective of the diverse social, emotional and financial challenges facing so many of our students and families. Therefore, I feel that I am the best candidate to meet the needs of our community.


John Weber

Age: 54

Work experience/former occupation if retired:

I have worked for small government, public/private partnerships, and large corporations were I developed engineering plans for multi-million dollar expansions.  I currently operate my own business.  This allows me the flexibility to participate in our children’s activities.  Running my own business has taught me to focus on customer service, flexibility, and financial decisions.  These skills all translate well to service as a school trustee. 



Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University, March 1990

Masters of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, May 1992


Elected offices previously held, including school board, and years: 

Richmond School Board: appointed April 2016 and elected November 2016 – current.


Community involvement: 

I was a Cardinal Greenway Board Member before we had a single mile of trail in Wayne County.  As one of the only cyclists on the board at the time I knew what the benefits could be for our city and county and worked to build one of the first and longest rail trails in Indiana.

I was part of the group that developed our online portal, WayNet.org and served as president of the board.  WayNet began in 1997 and continues to be an excellent source for all things happening in Wayne County.  From the online calendar of events, area highlights, and beautiful photography, WayNet continues to be successful and relevant.

I am part of the Hayes Arboretum East Side Trails team.  I was there the first day of construction, and remain active today.  The multiuse trail system draws mountain bikers from around the area, has hosted a trail marathon, the 5K’s, a multitude of walkers, and been the benefactor of several scouting projects.  It is a real asset for the community.  I remain part of this grass roots group.

I was a long time member of Dr. Bourff’s Parents as Leaders group.  We met monthly and were able to provide feedback and ideas on a number of subjects.  I hope we can reestablish a group similar to this.

I’ve coached baseball for younger children and a multitude of soccer teams at the YMCA and the Wayne County Soccer Association.  I’ve taken kids to the Indiana Soccer Olympic Development Program, and been involved at all levels.  I’ve been involved with school and youth sports for over 20 years. 


Do you currently have children attending schools in this district? If so, how many and what grade(s) are they in? Or, if your children are grown and did attend this district, when did they graduate?

Both our children have attended RCS K-12.  Our daughter is a junior at Miami University, and our son is currently a senior at Richmond High School.


Contact information that may be published: jweber@rcs.k12.in.us; (765) 973-3335


1. As a school board member I was elected to represent the values and priorities or our community.  More specifically I’m held accountable by the voters to make fiscal choices that impact the education of our children.  While the student experience comes first, I also must take into account how actions impact our teachers and staff, the taxpayers, and other stakeholders such as local businesses and the role of Richmond schools in their planning and growth.  There are many sleepless nights for board members, and finding the right balance is not always easy, but the rewards are great when each student walks across the stage to receive their diploma.

2. We put together the strongest plan we could with the time and evidence available.  Our elementary schools attend every day, while at our high school and intermediate schools students have been divided into smaller groups and attend in person every other day to lower density.  The off day is spent with online learning.  We also operate on an early dismissal schedule and offer a virtual option.  This plan has been very successful in managing Covid—19, however it is not without challenges.  It has put an unsustainable workload on our teachers, the virtual option needs to be better, and many students do better by being at school everyday.  We continue to make adjustments, and hopefully will continue to improve the process.  A huge thank you goes to all the teachers, administrators, and staff for stepping up to the challenge.  

3. The most important issue we have is attracting and retaining talented staff.  We have worked to aggressively increase the pay structure and still have a way to go.  We are also looking for ways to recruit a diverse staff.  Retention comes from creating a community and building relationships.  The two themes we have focused on in recruiting a new superintendent are communication and collaboration.   Teachers are the people directly in front of students and we need to provide the support they need to succeed.

4. It the past we have not focused enough on long range planning.  What does our school system look like in the next ten years?  A few years ago we established a facilities committee, and this year we have restructured central office to put more experience in key positions, we also just began an engineering study that will provide the road map to maintaining our beautiful 80-year-old high school.   A good plan is required to be a trustee of the taxpayer’s dollars and provide the best return on their investment in education.

The other key issue we face is the continued declining enrollment.  While we have seen some leveling off the trend has not stopped.  Add to this the highly mobile population in Richmond; we have seen students attend several schools in the same calendar year.  Attached to this is the overall issue of state funding and mandates.  Richmond provides an excellent education; part of the challenge is for students and parents to see what we have to offer and come back to RCS.  We have enhanced the safety and security of all our elementary and intermediate schools, RHS provides a vast assortment of honors and advanced placement courses, the Career Center has excellent programs putting students on a path for success, and the extracurricular opportunities cover the arts, athletics, and almost anything students can come up with.   It’s our job to promote the great opportunities that so many work to provide.

5. When I started on the board I was the only board member with children currently attending RCS, having students in the school has been a real strength.  Moving forward, I have worked hard to make us an organization that plans for the future so we can provide the best educational opportunities for our students, a great place to work for our staff, and be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.  We are currently in the process of selecting a new superintendent, and I think this will be key to Richmond’s future.  The current board has worked hard to come together and our two themes are communication and collaboration.  The future is exciting for Richmond Community Schools; I’ve spent the last four years working toward the successes we are starting to see.  I would love the opportunity to continue the work I have started, and will always work toward providing the best educational experience for our children.


Douglas Andrew Borgsdorf

Age: 47

Work experience/former occupation if retired:

Currently, I am the Business Unit Director for Primex Plastics based in Richmond, Indiana. I have been with Primex for five years. I am proud to be a member of the team that has played a critical role in providing PrimexProtect resources to the community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In my role as Business Unit Director overseeing multiple manufacturing divisions, I have learned that collaboration is the key to successful outcomes.

Prior to moving to Richmond, I worked for PMC Global as the CEO of Plastics Color Corporation; President of Pozzolana Ghana Limited based in Accra, Ghana Africa- PMC Global; and Vice President of Business Development- PMC Global. PMC Global is a privately held manufacturing company with a diverse international portfolio.


I graduated from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After a humble beginning in the hospitality business, I took an opportunity offered to me in the plastics industry and set about learning everything from the bottom up. Today, I am proud to ensure my employees have that same opportunity for advancement and to be the best they can be. From offering incentives to become a US Citizen to implementing comprehensive training programs and development plans. Instilling the desire for continuous learning, whether in the classroom or the board room or on the factory floor, plays an important role in an individual’s success.

Elected offices previously held, including school board, and years: None

Community involvement: 

I am a proud band dad. I spend much of my free time supporting the Richmond High School music programs and enjoy the summer marching band season a great deal. I am also involved in the Starr Gennett Foundation where I look at ways to involve community, youth and history in an educational format. 

Do you currently have children attending schools in this district? If so, how many and what grade(s) are they in? Or, if your children are grown and did attend this district, when did they graduate?

My youngest son Andrew is a Junior at Richmond High School and a member of the RHS drumline. My oldest Zachary graduated from RHS in 2017. I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman who recently relocated to Richmond and is a substitute teacher for Richmond Community Schools. Her twin boys attend Test and her daughter attends Hibbard.

Contact information that may be published (phone number, email, etc.)

Website: www.DougForSchools.com

Email: info@Dougforschools.com


1. Keeping our students at the center of our work. I strongly feel that serving as a Richmond Community School board member is to work for the benefit of our students, teachers and community. Having a clear vision for the future and defined accountability starting at the board member level is important to the success of our schools

2. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted so many facets of our lives. Now more than ever we need to support our teachers, administrators and most importantly, our youth. The strains of remote learning and mixed learning (virtual & in person) have impacted everyone, including parents. The messaging must be consistent across the schools and a focus on communication is vital as things change. We also need to be open and transparent about the challenges we are facing in our schools. Making technology enhancements in cooperation with our teachers – and without overburdening, is a must as we move forward.

3. One of the more critical items facing our school district is the hiring of a new Superintendent and establishing a clear path of accountability for this position. Having hired hundreds of individuals, from hourly workers all the way up to presidents of business operations, I believe I bring a unique approach to the hiring process. The prioritization of goals and objectives need to be defined clearly by the board and measured often.

4. In addition to providing a safe learning environment, our schools need to provide the motivation to learn. Focusing on areas of opportunity are important. I have outlined my Focus for the Future on my website, www.dougforschools.com, that includes Resources, Resourcefulness, Recruiting, Retaining, Reconnecting and Retooling. That means partnering with parents, connecting with community leaders and local businesses, and making sure we are providing the necessary resources for our students to become engaged in and excited about the learning process.

5. This is a personal challenge and heartfelt commitment: I love the community of Richmond. I have had the great honor of being involved with the students, teachers and administrators who support the music program. The band kids absolutely had an impact on my decision to run. But, so did the teachers I watched support them and the administrators who supported the entire vision. We have a duty to ensure fiscal security and a path to success that will be sustainable for years to come. This is my home, and I plan on doing all I can to support the great school district of the Richmond community.

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