Ten high schools in Wayne, Fayette and Randolph counties recently received funding for athletic supplies to help prevent or care for sports-related injuries.

Reid Health Community Benefit’s $11,000 total donation will reach 2,630 student-athletes this year.

High schools receiving the donation included Centerville, Hagerstown, Lincoln, Northeastern, Richmond, Seton, Randolph Southern, Connersville, Union City and Winchester.

Funds can be used for items such as athletic tape, rehabilitation equipment, rehydration drinks, coolers, contact solutions and disinfectants. 

Community Benefit additionally provides a Reid certified athletic trainer for each of the school districts and covers the costs of their salaries and benefits. 

Jesse Tittle, manager of sports medicine and Reid Fitness, said some school districts might not have as much funding for athletics, which narrows trainers’ treatment options.

“Athletic trainers are kind of like Swiss Army knives,” Tittle said. “We can do a lot of things, but if we don’t have the supplies to do them, it limits us to just providing ice, heat and stretching, and we’re so much more than that. The smallest details, like a roll of tape, can make the biggest difference to some of these kids.”

Athletic trainers help with pre-conditioning, set up a weight training program, assist coaches and student-athletes in preparing for early-season or overuse injuries, and respond to injuries as they occur. They also can refer student-athletes for treatment or help with rehabilitation.

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A version of this article appeared in the February 21 2024 print edition of the Western Wayne News.