Approximately 5,000 Hoosiers from across Indiana, and representative of multiple demographics, are being invited to participate in a testing collaboration between Indiana State Department of Health and the Richard M. Fairbanks IU School of Medicine.

Testing will be used to study the novel coronavirus and its spread, and how it is impacting Hoosier communities. This testing differs in that it does not necessarily include individuals who are symptomatic.

Those selected to participate were chosen from a randomized sampling from Indiana’s database of tax filers, co-filers, and dependents. Testing is limited to only those selected and the governor’s coronavirus task force encourages everyone selected to participate.

Notifications began Thursday, April 23, with residents being contacted by calls, texts and/or mailed postcards.

The notification includes the process to register for testing at one of the designated sites across the state.

Testing begins Saturday, April 25, and will end Wednesday, April 29.

Data from the study will be available to the governor’s office in approximately two weeks. The data will be used to make decisions related to the pandemic and to intervene with additional targeted resources, as deemed necessary.

This is phase 1 of the testing and there will be additional phases throughout the next year.

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