Wayne County Council’s District 3 incumbent Beth Leisure of Milton faces a challenge in the Republican primary from Carol Study of Cambridge City. Both want to represent the western section of the county. Only one GOP candidate filed in each of the other four council districts.
County council has the ultimate decision-making power regarding fiscal affairs, according to indianacounties.org. Members set priorities for the allocation and expenditure of county funds and have authority to view or review fiscal matters and determine proper policy.

1) In your opinion, what are the top three priorities of the office you’re seeking?
2) How well is this district being served on the county council during the current four-year term? What would you change about how the job is being conducted if elected/re-elected?
3) What are your top priorities for spending the county’s American Rescue Plan (ARPA) dollars and how can the funds be leveraged for greatest impact?
4) What cuts would you make in county expenses? What departments need more funding? What community services provided by outside organizations that receive county funding do you think need more or less money from the county?
5) Help voters understand what motivated you to run (or to run again, if you’re an incumbent) for office and why you are the best person for the job.

Carol A. Study

*Age: 63

*Work Experience:  Teacher at Western Wayne Schools, Fayette County Schools and Centerville-Abington Schools and finished my teaching career by homeschooling my son. Presently I am self-employed on the family farm and at Better Homes and Gardens First Realty.
*Education: Graduated Lincoln High School and Earlham College
*Elected Offices: Dublin Town Council, 2015-2019
*Community Involvement: 4-H member for 10 years, involved with my son’s mini 4-H plus 10 years in 4-H, involved with 4-H club, and enjoy attending the 4-H fair and gave to 4-H livestock auction
*Contact information: Phone/text 765-465-0353, email studycarol95@gmail.com and two Facebook accounts

Beth Leisure

*Age: 61

*Work experience/former occupation if retired: Self employed since 1986. Owner of National Road Antique Mall, The Archive, The Old Washboard and Leisure’s Mechanical
*Education/training: Lincoln High School
*Elected offices: Wayne County Council 2019 – present. 2022 President of Council
*Community involvement: Cambridge City Chamber of Commerce, President; Wayne County Convention & Tourism Board, President; Cambridge City Main Street, Board Member
*Contact information: bethleisure@gmail.com

1) County Council sets the budget, employee wages and appropriates dollars for all projects.

2) Council is a body of 7 that serve the entire County and we all support county-wide efforts. I have represented the people of my district by voting for a local income tax reduction, supporting local ambulance service, 911 service upgrades, police and fire radio upgrades, higher wages for county workers including law enforcement just to name a few.
It is always a top priority to support law enforcement and help ensure the safety of all our residents.
I am very proud of the fact that Wayne County is in an excellent fiscal position.

3) The planning process for ARPA funds begins in January of 2023. The entire County will be submitting projects and they will be prioritized collectively. I am open minded about specific projects and will be eager to see what comes to the table.
Leveraging the dollars is possible by using the money for matching grants and since the towns, cities and County are pooling resources and working together on this opportunity of a lifetime, projects of any size can be done in any community.

4) We have cut the budget over the last several years wherever possible. Departments ask for what they need and we are usually able to accommodate their budget items within reason. Each year during budget hearings, we look at outside organizations and make adjustments as needed. I am a proponent of smaller, more efficient government.

5) Thank you for electing me in 2018. It is an honor and privilege to serve on Wayne County Council. I can truly say I enjoy all aspects of this job. It is a serious job that requires knowledge of the job, business and personal ethics and dedication to the task.
I am always here to help you get honest answers to your concerns or help with issues that affect you.
I am excited and ready to continue representing you next term. Please vote for Beth Leisure on May 3, 2022.


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