Richmond police are investigating whether two calls for shots fired early Wednesday (Aug. 5) on different sides of town are related.

Third-shift officers responded to the first call in the 600 block of South West A Street at approximately 2:37 a.m. No injuries were reported, but damage to a house was located.

A vehicle was reported to have squealed the tires while leaving at a high rate of speed, according to Richmond Police Department Capt. Curt Leverton. No description of the vehicle was given.

A second call came in at approximately 5:56 a.m. from the 200 block of South 20th Street.

Leverton said no injuries were reported at this location, but there was damage to a residence and a vehicle.

A vehicle was reported to have possibly left the area at a high rate of speed, but no description was given.

Officers collected evidence from both scenes, and investigators are looking into the incidents and trying to determine if they are related.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact RPD’s Detective Division at (765) 983-7247.

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