Becky Stewart, New Paris, passed away at home August 27, aged 70, after being diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks ago. She was not fearful of death and said she had lived a full 70 years.

Becky or ‘Sis” to some family members died with her sons at her side at home. Becky was born to Sidney Monroe Sims and Nina Lee Norton Sims on June 6, 1951. She also had two brothers, Sidney and Lindel Sims. All proceeded her in death. She loved her family dearly and spoke fondly of her early years with her parents, brothers, and grandparents.

Becky retired after many years from Reid Hospital after holding many positions including being in charge of Occupational Health. She currently was working at Foundations in New Paris, Ohio, she cared about the people there, patients and coworkers.

After starting a family at an early age she decided, after some support from her late sister in law, Susan Jordan Sims, who she loved dearly, to go to nursing school. She excelled at it and won the distinguished nursing award. She loved nursing, helping people and interacting with her co-workers. She was very stylish and received many compliments on her dress.

Putting her life into a few paragraphs and how she touched people’s lives is impossible. She was a hard meticulous worker. She was a wonderful mother, friend, and coworker. She genuinely cared about her family, her friends, her co-workers, her patients and people in general. Life wasn’t easy for her, having endured many tragedies but she never let it stop her. Becky put other people before herself many times throughout her life.

Becky loved to travel. Her favorite thing to do though was to be outside. She loved working in her flower gardens and pond she built. Most any nice day you would have to look to find her in her flowers, in the woods, or just cutting weeds or burning sticks somewhere. We will miss having to look for her.

She will be missed greatly by her family, friends, coworkers, and anyone’s life she touched.

Whenever her name popped up in a casual conversations her acquaintances always had a nice word to say about Becky. Her life was well lived, making the most of her abilities and good nature.

Rebecca Sue Sims started life as a happy young girl, turned into a loving mother, a fine nurse, and a good friend. She helped many people along the way and didn’t ask for much in return. She was a compassionate loving person. One of her doctors who she had worked with and now was his patient took her hand and told her she had helped many people through the years and deserved a dignified ending to her life. She was even in this time modest about her accomplishments.

Becky leaves behind her husband Allen, two sons, Allen and Bradley, three grandchildren Josh, Kira and Emma and her great grandchildren, who she loved dearly and wanted so much to watch them grow up. Becky was also preceded in death by her youngest son Brian, who she missed tremendously in her final years.

Becky had such short notice before her condition declined, if anyone was reaching out to her without a response or didn’t know of her condition just know you were in her thoughts. Cancer is a destroyer of bodies but not of compassion, her last days were filled with compassion towards her and once again her compassion, even in her pain, towards others. Thanks to those that visited, reached out and just loved her. She loved you too.

Her last gift to the world was to donate her body to science through Ohio State University.

A celebration of Becky’s life will be held Saturday October 2nd. We will be having the event outside in New Paris, Ohio at 115 North Spring Street, at the New Paris community park, formally the old school grounds, at the shelter behind basketball courts. Visitors are welcome from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. A ceremony will be held around 5:15 with Rodney Dunn officiating. We ask that those who wish to attend please bring a lawn chair to help make things as smooth as possible. Anyone who may wish to speak or just say a kind word about Becky at the ceremony will be gladly welcomed. Anyone wishing to do so may contact Allen (son) at 765-969-1137 or for planning or just make aware of before the ceremony.