Editor’s note: This statement was issued March 7 by Northeastern school leaders.

Northeastern Wayne School Corporation is aware of an allegation published on a social media platform that generally references a potential threat pertaining to a student of the School Corporation. Officials of the School Corporation were never directly contacted regarding this threat, nor was any information made available that would substantiate the alleged threat. Notwithstanding, these facts, Northeastern Wayne School Corporation’s priority, above all else, is the safety of its students. As such, the information published on social media was immediately relayed to, and investigated by, the Wayne County, Indiana, Sheriff’s Department.
The Sheriff’s Department acted promptly in investigating this matter, and worked in conjunction with the School Corporation in order to compile all relevant information. Subsequent to reviewing and discussing the Sheriff’s Department’s findings, as well as considering all other relevant information, it has been determined that the alleged threat is not credible, and appears to be the result of misinformation. Northeastern Wayne School Corporation is confident that students are safe and that no credible threat exists which would warrant further investigation.
Parents, community members, and anyone with information regarding any threats to students or staff are strongly encouraged to contact school officials or law enforcement directly so that the School Corporation may appropriately respond with all circumstances being considered. The direct transmission of information allows the School Corporation to accurately and appropriately assess the same in a manner designed to ensure the safety and well-being of its students. Northeastern Wayne School Corporation looks forward to continuing to provide its students with quality instruction in a safe environment.
Any questions may be directed to Andrew J. Sickmann, legal counsel, at (765) 962-7527.

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