Between May and August of this year, the south side of Main Street between Washington and Perry will be in disrepair as new water lines will be installed. During last Tuesday’s town council meeting, Mr. Doug Kramer of Kramer and Associates of Richmond explained his companys plans for the improvement of Hagerstown’s aging infrastructure.

Armed with several illustrated prints, Kramer presented council with the details of a three phase approach for the project. Phase 1 is Petty Street to Washington Street. Phase 2 is Washington Street to Perry Street. Phase 3 is Perry Street to Sycamore Street.

“The road will have to be dug up towards the south but not the sidewalk,” said town manager Chris LaMar. “It is hoped that they can bore under main to the north side of the street instead of digging it up. But a lot depends on what they find once they start digging.”

There are two water mains under phase 3. One is an approximately 100 years old deteriorated 8″ pipe while the second is a newer 16″ located on the north side of Main from Sycamore to Perry Street.

“We are uncertain the age of the 16″ line and which properties are connected to it,” said LaMar. “If any residents remember the 16″ line being installed we would like to know as much as possible about it. We have not found any drawings from when it was installed.”

While Kramer reported the first phase should only take four months, he also confessed there are many variables that could slow them down. In the early years of Main Street, several underground ventures were not well documented or properly detailed in dimensions.

Kramer and Associates will also be responsible for running new underground electrical line on Main. “We can’t do the water project and electrical together,” said Kramer. “It is just not an efficient use of manpower.”

Council also opened bids for the Community Crossing Grant, which is designated for installing 60 corner handicap ramps. Five bids were received for paving and six for concrete work. Town attorney Adam Forrest is going to review the bids and an announcement of the awarded individuals is forthcoming.

The next Hagerstown Town Council meeting will be Monday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. It is also noteworthy to remember that council will only meet once a month for the 2018 year. If you have an issue you would like to present before council, please call town hall at 489-6171.


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