Nettle Creek School Corporation’s superintendent, Kyle Barrentine, has resigned in order to become superintendent at Shenandoah School Corporation, near Middletown. In a letter he posted on social media, Barrentine said the Nettle Creek school board will meet Wednesday, June 22, to confirm a contract with Emily Schaeffer as the new superintendent.
Barrentine’s letter is reproduced below. Look for more information in the June 22 issue of Western Wayne News.
To All:
Good evening!  Please take the time to read this entire message. I apologize for its length, but I wanted to be sure to share as much information as possible.
This message is VERY bittersweet for me as I am announcing that I am leaving the position of Superintendent of  Nettle Creek School Corporation to become the new Superintendent of the Shenandoah School Corporation.   I honestly never thought I’d leave Nettle Creek, but it became clear that we were going to be unable to relocate our blended family closer to Hagerstown. Being at Shenandoah allows me to serve a strong school corporation while being only 20 minutes from my house and my family.
We have worked very hard over the past nearly three years to establish a succession plan for every position. When we think of succession plans for teachers, it is typically ensuring that we have a guaranteed and viable curriculum for each class taught at each grade level. We are close to that. When we think of succession plans for school leaders, it is ensuring that we are developing our own leaders through our building level and district level leadership teams. Because of this work, we have a succession plan in place for Nettle Creek Schools.
The Nettle Creek School Board has reached an agreement with Mrs. Emily Schaeffer to serve as the next Superintendent of Nettle Creek Schools. There will be a public hearing to hear the terms of her contract on Wednesday, June 22 at 6 p.m.  The board will then vote on Mrs. Schaeffer’s superintendency on Wednesday, June 29 at 6 p.m.  Her first official day will be Friday, July 1.
I will continue to serve Nettle Creek Schools through June 30.
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