Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s weekly news conference looked different today than it has since the beginning of the pandemic. The numbers are rising, and the governor strongly warned Hoosiers not to let their guard down.

Even practicing what she preaches, Indiana’s State Health Commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box, and her family have not avoided the coronavirus. After two daycare workers at her 23-month-old grandson’s small daycare center tested positive, she, her daughter, and grandson have all tested positive, as well.
The ripple effect resulted in the governor’s staff and everyone Dr. Box was exposed to getting tested today to determine how far the virus spread inside the Indiana statehouse.
Dr. Box explained, participating in the news conference via Zoom, that she and her family are very careful. They get together weekly with 3 of their grown children that are local, feeling safe because of the regular safety protocols they follow, such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing and avoiding large crowds; but even they could not avoid COVID-19.
This small daycare outbreak has resulted in three generations in one family becoming infected and illustrates how easily the virus spreads.
While Dr. Box’s daughter and grandson are mildly symptomatic and Dr. Box is currently asymptomatic, they will quarantine as appropriate and have responded to contact tracing so everyone they may have exposed will be notified.
Results of statehouse testing, including those for the governor, are expected to be available by Thursday afternoon.
Holcomb is convinced mask-wearing, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings will keep
Hoosiers safe enough to remain in Stage 5 for another month.
The currently rising numbers will be monitored and localized cases will continue to get increased assistance and resources, to keep businesses and schools open. However, he acknowledges COVID-fatigue is being felt by all, but he urges Hoosiers to not let their guard down and become complacent about practicing the safety protocols.

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