By decade, Indiana's highest percentage of COVID-19 positive cases is for those in their 50s. Indiana State Department of Health

Indiana now has 2,159 positive cases of COVID-19, with a total of 13,373 test results.

Wayne County has two confirmed positive cases, and Randolph County has increased to 3.
Fayette County now has 9 cases of COVID-19 and one related death.
Franklin County now has 35 cases and 4 deaths related to COVID-19.

Marion County leads the state with 964 cases and 17 deaths.

Indiana State Department of Health reports 49 deaths related to COVID-19.
The highest percentage of deaths has been among those 80-plus (38.8 percent, followed by 26.5 percent for those 70-79 and 22.4 percent for those in their 60s.
Ten percent of the deaths have been those in their 50s, with 2 percent of deaths for those in their 30s.

The majority of Indiana COVID-19 related deaths have been men (65.2 percent).

Those in their 50s have the highest percentage of positive cases (19.3 percent).
That’s followed closely by:
Those in their 60s (17.9 percent)
40s (16.1 percent)
30s (13.9 percent)
70s (12.6 percent)
20s (10.4 percent)
80s (8.4 percent)
and ages 0-19 (1.4 percent)

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