Twelve teams converged on the Hagerstown track and field complex from near and far last Friday, May 5 to participate in one of the oldest high school meets in Indiana. The Tiger Booster meet is in its 40th year and the quality athletes over the years have been impressive.  

On Friday, eleven other teams wearing a sea of different colors showed up to attempt to unseat the defending boys champion Hagerstown Tigers and the defending girls champion Hagerstown Lady Tigers.

The Tiger boys dominated, winning the meet for the ninth consecutive time. The Lady Tigers were not expected to win, but they were determined to win. The Lady Tigers hoisted the trophy for the third consecutive year, narrowly edging past Centerville and Crispus Attucks.

The Most Valuable Runner in the girls meet was Charlee Gibson from Blue River Valley. The most valuable runner in the boys meet, for the second year in a row, was Mason Romack from Hagerstown. The recipient of the Raymond Sharp Mental Attitude Award, presented to a Hagerstown senior each year, was Jenna Smith.

Winning coach Kent Gray said he was pleased to see his teams perform so well.

“Our boys performed at a high level, and we expected that. The girls meet was much closer. Our girls got points in the discus that we did not really expect,” Gray said. “Overall, multiple placings in several events were the key. Our girls ran with confidence and determination and a lot of different kids scored points.”

Event winners and local scoring placements, scoring 9 places


Blue River Valley (BRV), Cambridge City Lincoln (L), Centerville (Cv), Covenant Christian (CC), Crispus Attucks (CA), Hagerstown (H), Knightstown (K), Northeastern (NE), Riverside (Ri), Shenandoah (S), Tri High (T), Union County (UC).

Boys Field events

discus: 1st, Parker Burk (T) 139-0, 2nd, Calvin Berhalter (NE), 3rd, Landon Lawson (H), 4th, Mason Bowlin (H), 6th, Logan Vance (L), 9th, Trevor Thornburg (Cv)
high jump: 1st, Gary Lehman (H) 5-9, 5th, Zach Golliher, 6th, Brody Pitstick (Cv), 9th, David Reneau (NE)
long jump: 1st, Mason Fields (K), 20-2.50, 2nd, Logan Brown (NE), 3rd, Mason Romack (H), 4th, Garrett Mull (H), 7th, Connor Miller (Cv), 8th, Luke Williams (L)
shot put: 1st, Parker Burk (T), 51-4, 2nd, Mason Bowlin (H), 5th, Calvin Berhalter (NE), 6th, Logan Vance (L), 8th, Trevor Thornburg (Cv).

Boys running events

100-meter: 1st, Keaghun Fitch (S), 3rd, Mason Romack (H), 7th, Noah Ammerman (NE), 8th, Garrett Mull (H)
200-meter: 1st, Mason Romack (H), 23.69, 5th, Connor Miller (Cv), 7th, Garrett Mull (H)
400 meter: 1st, James Crull (BRV) 51.71, 2nd, Brody Puckett (L), 6th, Timmy Wright (Cv), 8th, Brody Pitstick (Cv)
800-meter: 1st, Kaden Young (H) 2:05.61, 2nd, Nolan Drake (NE), 4th, Luke Willams (L), 6th, Isaac Schmitz (H), 9h, Luke Chamness (NE)
1,600-meter: 1st, Chase Cates (NE) 4:41.90, 2nd, Kaiden Young (H), 3rd, Luke Williams (L), 4th, Logan Smith (NE), 8th, Bryce Tinkle (H), 9th, Gavin Newton (L)
3,200-meter: 1st, Chase Cates (NE), 10:17.89, 2nd, Logan Smith (NE), 4th, Bryce Tinkle (H), 6th, Tate Chasteen (Cv), 8th, Kendrick Herr (H), 9th, Luke Cottrell (L)
110-meter hurdles: 1st, Lowell Berger (H), 4th, Owen Sullivan (H), 5th, Jackson Marker (Cv)
300-meter hurdles: 1st, Lowell Berger (H), 42:35, 3rd, Conner Austerman (NE), 6th, Owen Sullivan (H), 8th, Jackson Marker (Cv),
4×100-meter relay: 1st, Owen Sullivan, Lowell Berger, Garrett Mull, Mason Romack (H), 45:92, 3rd, Braydon Ross, Trevor Thornburg, Evan Pritchard, Connor Miller (Cv), 8th, Avery McGriff, Marshall Pate, Jordan Roberts, Gage Sherwood (L)
4×200-meter relay: 1st, Lorenzo Lange, Cory Coley, Shaheem Woods, Jarrell Green (CA) 1:40.16, 2nd, Owen Sullivan, Gary Lehman, Isaac Schmitz, Samuel Dusek (H), 3rd, Eli Hemmelgarn, Luke Adams, Justice Woodall, David Reneau (NE), 5th, Brady Bishop, Desmond Bex, Alden Munchel, Gage Sherwood (L), 6th, Evan Pritchard, Hunter Hughes, AJ Brock, Josh Strain (Cv),
4×400-meter relay: 1st, Tyler Flynn, Adam Polston, Zach Crull, James Crull (BRV), 3:42.76, 2nd, Timmy Wright, Brydon Click, Brody Pitstick, Connor Miller (Cv), 3rd, Kaden Young, Isaac Schmitz, Gary Lehman, Lowell Berger (H)
4×800-meter relay: 1st, Isaac Schmitz, Carter Jenkins, Bryce Tinkle, Kaden Young (H) 8:43.57, 2nd, Logan Smith, Bryston McFarland, Lucas Chamness, Nolan Drake (NE), 4th, Brody Marshall Pate, Kaden Southerland, Brody Puckett, Luke Williams (L), 7th, Braydon Click, Joe Martin, Grayson Hawkins (Cv)

Team scores boys

Hagerstown 168, Northeastern 94.5, Blue River Valley 76, Crispus Attucks 58.5, Centerville 54.5, Tri High 50, Cambridge City Lincoln 49, Shenandoah 47, Union County 40.5, Covenant Christian 36, Knightstown 32, Riverside 0.

Girls field events

discus: 1st, Destinee Reece 111-0 (Cv), 2nd, Addi Mastriano (NE), 3rd, Brookley Miller (H), 5th, Delaney Oliger (H), 9th, Mary Freeman (Cv)
high jump: 1st, Mikia Nance (Ri), 4-9, T-4th, Nicole Sheets (NE), and Cailin Ballenger (Cv), T-6th, Hattie Hobbs (H), and Kayci Hill (S)
long jump: 1st, Katie McCashland (UC) 15-3, 2nd, Lindsey Golliher (H), 4 th, Cailin Ballenger (Cv), 5th, Tasha Jordan (Cv), 7th, Adysson Kircher (NE)
shot put: 1st, Larian Wooden (CA) 39-0, 3rd, Addi Mastriano (NE), 8th, Madison Austerman (NE).

Girls running events

100-meter: 1st, Akailyn Hogg (NE) 12.63, 4th, Kasiti Ferriell (H), 7th, Ariel Shuler (NE), 8th, Cailin Ballenger (Cv)
200-meter: 1st, Akailyn Hogg (NE) 26.70, 4th, Kasiti Ferriell (H), 7th, Brook Jordan (Cv)
400-meter: 1st, Charlee Gibson (BRV) 1:03.20, 2nd, Brook Jordan (Cv)
800-meter: 1 st, Charlee Gibson (BRV) 2:30.32, 4th, Julie Carter (Cv), 5th, Logan Klein (H), 6th, Avery Blunk (H), 8th, Daisee Spence (NE)
1,600-meter: 1st, Charlee Gibson (BRV) 6:38.47, 2nd, Marissa Cates (NE), 4th, Chloe Scales (Cv), 7th, Ava Moore, 9th, Lily Black (Cv)
3,200-meter: 1st, Marissa Cates (NE) 12:05.89, 3rd, Chloe Scales (Cv), 5th, Ava Moore (H), 6th, Lily Black (Cv), 8th, Jenna Smith (H)
100-meter hurdles: 1st, Hattie Hobbs (H), 17.99, 5th, Lindsey Golliher (H), 6 th, Tasha Jordan (Cv)
300-meter hurdles: 1st, Latoria Porter (CA) 50.73, 2nd, Hattie Hobbs (H), 4th, Kendra Shipman (Cv), 5th, Lindsey Golliher (H), 7 th, Tasha Jordan (Cv)
4×100-meter relay: 1st, Iyonna Lange, Mariah Kenter, Latoria Porter, Chisom Chukwuocha (CA) 51.82, 3rd, Lindsey Golliher, Isabella Thalls, Kasiti Ferriell, Hattie Hobbs (H), 5th, Adysson Kircher, Ariel Shuler, Hashanna Clark, Akailyn Hogg (NE), 6th, Cailin Ballenger, Julie Carter, Taelynn Swartz, Hunter Davis (Cv)
4×200-meter relay: 1st, Morgan Russ, America Reyes, Mariah Kenter, Chisom Chukwuocha (CA) 3:33.48, 3rd, Brooke Stuart, Harley Ballenger, Hallie Pruitt, Havanna Harris (H), 6th, Phoebe Chasteen, Alyssa Gibson, Lainey Ferriell, Alalna Markley (Cv)
4×400-meter relay: Milan Dawson, Andarra Williamson, Alexa Channey, Ella Crane (CC) 4:25. 45, 2nd, Isabella Thalls, Logan Klein, Avery Blunk, Kasiti Ferriell (H), 5th, Brooke Jordan, Hunter Davis, Adanech Jarvis, Kendra Shipman
4×800-meter relay: 1st, Avery Blunk, Ava Moore, Isabella Thalls, Logan Klein (H) 11:14.99, 2nd, Chloe Scales, Lily Black, Victoria Beatty, Kendra Shipman (Cv).

Team scores girls

Hagerstown 115.5, Centerville 107.5, Crispus Attucks 101, Covenant Christian 72, Northeastern 72, Blue River 62, Union County 57, Shenandoah 44.5, Tri High 37, Riverside 34, Knightstown 15, Cambridge City Lincoln 0.

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A version of this article appeared in the May 10 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Dan Harney is a sports reporter at the Western Wayne News.