Spring is in bloom and so are complaints of unsightly properties in Hagerstown. The police department is asking property owners to clean up.

Hagerstown Police Chief Keith Folkner said the department is getting two or three complaints a day about trash and debris or abandoned vehicles on properties in town. Hagerstown Police Department tries to get owners to comply.

“I don’t just drive around all day looking for junk,” Folkner said. “I act on complaints.”

Town laws regulate the height of grass and other plants on local properties, and prohibits unsightly debris from accumulating in yards or where it can be seen. State law affects abandoned vehicles.

“I’ve got a substantial list of complaints,” Folkner said. “When we get a complaint, I verify it and then send a letter to the owner, specifying the complaint” and give the owner time to fix it.

In a related matter at its May 1 meeting, the townwide cleanup of April 23-29 seems to have gone well, reported Gary Schuette, president of Heart of Hagerstown business group that co-sponsored it with the town. Residents told him they appreciated having special trash pickups all of that week.

On Saturday, April 29, an e-waste recycling drive filled 11 large containers and residents filled a large dumpster with household and yard waste.

In other action, the council hired Scott Wells of Technology Solutions Midwest to perform an information technology audit. Wells said he will make an inventory of all the computers, printers, software and other technology used by the town and recommend ways to save money. He will review the equipment’s age and may recommend a replacement schedule. He also will look at how well the town is protected against cyber threats.

Clerk-treasurer Julie Neal and Town Manager Chris LaMar asked for the audit. It will cost up to $3,800. Wells will issue his report within 60 days.

Council also agreed to pay for renting a tent for the four-week summer schedule of Nettle Creek Players and provide electric service. Tent rent is $3,749.20, said Dennis Burns, an NCP board member. The tent will be located on the grounds at Precision Wire Assembly, 550 E. Main St.

In response to a question from the Silver Spurs Rangers 4-H Club leader Jeff Davis about who regulates use of the horse arena at Hagerstown Airport, town attorney Adam Forrest encouraged the town Board of Aviation Commissioners and the club to come to an agreement signed by both groups.

The airport board has responsibility for all of the airport land. The 4-H club uses the arena – built decades ago and maintained by 4-H volunteers – for its practices and shows. It’s important to have responsibilities spelled out in writing, Forrest said, so that both sides understand it.

Town Council’s next regular meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 5, at Town Hall, 49 E. College St. The public may attend.

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A version of this article appeared in the May 10 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Bob Hansen is a reporter for the Western Wayne News.