After a public hearing during which only one person spoke about their concerns, the Hagerstown Town Council agreed to vacate a portion of an alley in the 100 block of East Main Street.
The only portion of the alley to be vacated is that adjacent to the business property owned by Chris Conwell at 110 E. Main St. The closure will be between Main Street and the first east-west alley to the north.
In April, Conwell asked council to vacate and close that portion of the alley for the safety of pedestrians who are at risk from speeding traffic.
During the public meeting July 5, just before the town council’s regular meeting, Scott Mikesell of Pizza King in Muncie asked several questions and shared his concerns.
Mikesell, who came to the meeting believing the entire alley, not just a portion of it, would be closed was initially against the measure. Once he learned only the southern portion of the alley would be vacated, he offered his support.
Mikesell was concerned that if the entire alley was closed there wouldn’t be anywhere for Pizza King to unload the delivery trucks that serve the restaurant there.
“We wouldn’t be able to function if the whole alley was closed, but that is not the case,” Mikesell said.
Mikesell did note that closing a part of the alley will increase congestion in the area.
Conwell and Mikesell told council that they have an agreement that allows customers of the restaurant to use Conwell’s parking lot if spaces are available.
“Their customers are our customers,” Conwell said.
Conwell said he is planning to install a well-marked post to block the alley from vehicular traffic. He previously noted that by closing the alley, and the additional parking in front of his business on Main Street, there would be an increase in parking space available along Main Street.

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