Wayne County is paying tribute to its Vietnam veterans and their widows with heavy hors d’oeuvres, a program and a lapel pin thanking them for their service.
Centerville Public Library, Centerville-Abington Elementary School, the Town of Centerville and Central Christian Church are organizing an event Friday, March 29 to express appreciation.
The date is significant because March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day.
Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict from anywhere in Wayne County are invited for heavy hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m., and they may bring a guest for the food.
The commemoration program starts at 7 p.m. at Central Christian Church, 4511 National Road W., Richmond, and admission is free to the public.
Area residents are welcome to hear local Vietnam veterans Mark Stover, Dan Wandersee and Allen Paul speak. Cindy Moistner Slick will perform special music.
Lapel pins from the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration will be presented to veterans or their widows. Widows may receive the pin regardless if they lost their husband in the war or if he returned home from combat.
Centerville Library’s technical assistant Kris Turner is pleased to help plan the event. Turner served in the Marine Corps in the 1980s during peacetime.
“I like to see all those who had to suffer through war get their due recognition,” Turner said.
Wayne County has more than 100 veterans who served in Vietnam.
The phrase “Vietnam War period” is used to define the Commemoration’s inclusive dates as our nation recognizes all who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the period of November 1, 1955, to May 15, 1975, regardless of duty location; and their families. No distinction is made between veterans who served in-country, in-theater, or who were stationed elsewhere during the Vietnam War period.
November 1, 1955, was selected to coincide with the official designation of Military Assistance Advisory Group-Vietnam (MAAG-V), whereas May 15, 1975, marks the end of the last official battle of the Vietnam War, which was precipitated by the seizure of the SS Mayaguez.
RSVPs are encouraged for Vietnam veterans as soon as possible to Centerville Library by calling (765) 855-5223 or emailing btreaster@centervillelibrary.info.
For more information about the national commemoration of the Vietnam War, visit www.vietnamwar50th.com or search for the Facebook page called The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration.
To learn about services available to Wayne County veterans from all eras, call (765) 973-9207 or stop by the office in the Wayne County Annex Building at 401 E. Main St. in Richmond between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. Appointments are available for Friday mornings as needed.

C-LOV database growing
Throughout the year, Centerville Library also seeks to gather information about living or deceased veterans from Centerville and Center Township to preserve the information for future generations.
That effort is called C-LOV (Centerville Loves Our Veterans).
Turner said library staff received three inquiries last week about joining the local veterans’ registry, so the database continues to grow.
Residents of the Centerville area are encouraged to contact the library with the name of an ancestor who served in the military during any time in American history.
To get a form, visit the library, call (765) 855-2009 or email read@centervillelibrary.info.

By Millicent Martin Emery

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