Cordell Municipal Pool and other public pools and splash pads will reopen June 14 unless the date is changed by Wayne County commissioners and Richmond's mayor. City of Richmond file photo

Local officials have decided to make a couple of COVID-19-related restrictions more stringent than those by Indiana’s governor.
Based on recommendations by Wayne County Health Department, county commissioners and Richmond’s mayor approved a joint executive order on May 6 that puts in place a more restrictive and extended date for the reopening of public access swimming pools and water-featured activities, such as splash pads, both publicly and privately owned.
Reopening of those pools and water activities should not occur before June 14, unless the restriction is subsequently modified by the mayor and/or commissioners.
They also concluded the date for reopening of movie theaters should be extended until June 14, when theaters can open at 50 percent capacity, unless changed in the meantime.
In addition, the executive order says that any employee (public or private) who comes into contact with the public shall wear a protective face covering while directly involved and interacting with members of the public.
It also notes that all residents remain strongly encouraged to wear protective face coverings while in public.
Based on Governor Eric Holcomb’s five-stage plan that can be positively or negatively impacted by future state and county-level experiences, commissioners Ken Paust, Denny Burns and Mary Anne Butters and Mayor Dave Snow said they will continue to monitor the spread of the virus in and around the county. They said they reserve the right and authority to issue more restrictive directives for residents if needed.
The Level 2 travel advisory and other restrictions put in place in recent weeks by the commissioners and mayor have been rescinded.

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