Only a few days remain to complete the Wayne County broadband survey and the Wayne County Commissioners are urging residents to participate.

Commissioner Jeff Plasterer said that as of March 8, about 1,000 people had completed the broadband survey and more are needed to do so by the final survey date, March 19.

The survey is designed to study the usage, actual speeds, opportunities, and lack of access around the county to provide framework for filling future needs.

The Wayne County Broadband Taskforce, in partnership with Purdue University Center for Regional Development, launched the survey online on March 1.

Residents are asked to complete the survey from home if they have broadband access, and from another location if they do not. It is especially important, Plasterer said, to allow for location mapping and, if a person doesn’t have broadband at home, to explain why.

The survey will be available through March 19 at

A limited number of paper copies will be available at Morrisson-Reeves Library, Centerville-Center Township Public Library, Cambridge City Public Library and Hagerstown Jefferson Township Public Library for individuals that want to use that option.

-By Rachel Sheeley

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