Centerville will pursue grants to help reduce the cost of paving and upgrading electrical equipment.
The town will seek a Community Crossings grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation to mill and pave McMinn Street from Main to Willow Grove at an estimated cost of $117,836. The town’s portion (25 percent) would be $29,459.
At a meeting on July 27, Town Manager Kevin Slick gave an update on upgrading electric equipment at substations to meet current industry standards. He will present maps, costs and other information at council’s Aug. 9 meeting.
Slick suggested the top priority area be Mattie Harris, with Gates Road and Sunset being the second highest. The cost will be about 40% more than the estimates the town received in 2016, he said.

Other information about the Centerville Town Council meeting is in the Aug. 3 print edition of Western Wayne News.

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