Centerville-Abington Community School Corporation is closing all of its buildings Monday after some health concerns have been raised in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday afternoon, Superintendent Mike McCoy said that the school district learned Friday about two negative COVID-19 cases for students in Rose Hamilton Elementary School.

Although McCoy said the tests were negative, the symptoms were specific enough to COVID-19 that the Wayne County Health Department directed school officials that they needed to treat the cases as positive cases.

Because of the length of time that has passed between the possible exposure and the corporation receiving the advice to quarantine, contact tracing is going to be extremely difficult, McCoy said.

McCoy said the school district was directed to contact anyone who might have come into contact with the students at recess, in the classroom, at lunch, and anywhere else they would have been during the school day.

Because of that, school officials have decided to cancel school for all buildings on Monday, Aug. 10.

They also have advised students to take home materials they might need if the district needs to continue on with its alternative learning plans.

That decision will be made for the whole corporation Monday once they have the opportunity to assess the situation.

“As always, our primary responsibility is to educate the students in a way that is safe for staff and students alike,” McCoy said. “We take this responsibility very seriously and will continue to adapt to meet their needs as best we can.”

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