Money going for public service, community safety

Money from the pandemic-related American Rescue Plan is being spent for community safety and public service purchases in Centerville.
Town Council approved expenditures from the town’s ARP funds on June 14 and still has about $11,000 remaining to be spent this year. As the council approved them, council members kept a running tally to make sure the expenditures did not exceed the available funds.
ARP is money the federal government gave to local governments to help provide resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Centerville received funds this year and will have another pot of money to spend in 2023. It must be spent in the year designated or is no longer available to the town.
Officials had met in a work session on June 13 to discuss how to spend the money. Among ARP expenditures approved June 14 were: $12,949 for a tractor mower; $49,619.44 for two used trucks to be used by the building commissioner and utilities department; $9,919 to replace seven old automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for Centerville Fire/Rescue; $35,749.50 to replace 10 sets of turnout gear for the fire department; and $14,360.30 for a rescue tool for the new fire truck.

>> More from the Centerville Town Council meeting in the Western Wayne News June 22 print edition.

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