By Millicent Martin Emery

Town council members are deciding whether to outsource Centerville’s trash and recycling collection, or to replace the town’s truck and hire workers to continue offering trash collections and consider adding recycling.
A decision likely will be made at the 7 p.m. June 12 meeting at town hall, 204 E. Main St.

Residents are currently paying a flat charge of $4.50 per month for pickup, or $6 per Dumpster per month. Council members acknowledge those prices will need to be increased, no matter what option is chosen.
Residents would need to pay $8.92 per month if a one-man truck is secured through a bonds option, and Dumpsters would be $11.89 per month.
If a one-man truck is leased by the town, residents would pay $14.51 per month, and Dumpsters would cost $19.34 per month.
If a regular truck is leased by the town, residents would pay $12.84 per month, and Dumpsters would be $17.12.
Council members have received bids from two private companies, Rumpke and Best Way Disposal.
Rumpke would charge $20 per resident per month, which would include trash and recycling service, plus as many as three large/bulky items per week. Rumpke will invoice the town.
Best Way would offer automated trash and recycling service for $14.60 per resident. Best Way will invoice the town.
For those needing Dumpsters, Rumpke could offer one-cubic-yard containers for $24.68 for weekly pickup, $49.36 for twice a week and $74.04 for three times a week. Customers needing two-cubic-yard containers would pay $49.36 for weekly pickup, $98.72 for twice-weekly pickup and $148.08 for three pickups.
Best Way says it will charge $39 for two-cubic-yard containers with weekly pickup or $54 for twice-weekly pickup of those containers.
Both companies would bill customers directly for Dumpsters.
In addition, council members voted to make a written offer to a candidate for town manager, and discussed the possibility of the town incurring the costs to accept check and credit card payments for utilities through the FirstData service, which could help get payments faster. The service will be discussed at the June 12 meeting.

In other business
Council discussed the wastewater rate ordinance introduction and rate study by Umbaugh and the bond series that would be taken out for the State Revolving Fund loan. They also discussed the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s refunding approval on the Rural Development loan. The total funding for the project would be $2,931,700. Rates would be amended for some Rice-Kellam area customers.
Kenna Consulting was approved to help the town try again to receive a stormwater grant.
Town leaders are also discussing amending the building permit fee schedule, and will revisit the topic at the next council meeting.
Staff from IronGate Creative said the town’s new website will be ready in a couple of weeks and described some of the upcoming changes.
Council and town employees discussed the installation of a camera outside the town garage and whether additional cameras should be installed in other locations.
Council voted that park advisory committee members can be with the two-mile fringe, and determined that stormwater board members will be on alternate terms. In addition, council will require any outstanding judgment be paid in full prior to new utility service beginning. The town is seeking to add three full-time or two full-time and some part-time utility workers.
Council approved the Community Fests on the fourth Saturdays of June, July and August, the Bulldog 5K on July 14, The Brown Jug’s fourth annual customer appreciation day on July 21 and the 30th annual Archway Days on Aug. 24-25, with fireworks on Aug. 25. They also approved the re-scheduled veterans’ parade on June 9.
Resident Carol Kramer described the multiple times her finished basement in the 500 block of West School Street has had sewer lines back up, and council encouraged her to work with town staff to see if she could receive any assistance in resolving those concerns.

Upcoming Centerville meetings
Public hearing (wastewater rates), 7 p.m. June 26, followed by special council meeting at 7:15 p.m.
Plan commission, 7 p.m. June 28
Council work session, 7 p.m. July 3
Public hearing (stormwater grant), 7 p.m. July 10, followed by council meeting at 7:15 p.m.

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