Centerville officials report an overflow of sewage is going into the Noland Fork Creek south of the abandoned railway bridge, and urge residents to take precautions to avoid becoming sick.

Centerville is a combined sewer overflow (CSO) community; a combined sewer is a sewer that transports stormwater, domestic waste and industrial wastewater all in one pipe to be treated at the wastewater treatment plant. During periods of heavy rainfall or when snow is melting rapidly, a combined sewer can become overloaded and overflow from a combined sewer overflow outlet.

During a substantial rainfall or snow melt event the combined sewers are not able to handle and treat the additional flow causing untreated flow to be released from the system at the combined sewer overflow discharge point.

The CSO event occurred on Dec. 31 that requires residents to take caution that no swimming or drinking of the water downstream from the discharge point occurs for 72 hours after a rainfall or snow melting conditions.

CSOs may overflow anytime during the next several hours or days.

You are encouraged to follow these basic recommendations to avoid becoming sick:
– Stay out of this area especially during and continue for 72 hours after a rainfall or snow melting conditions.
– If you do come into contact with the water in the urban waterway make the assumption the water is contaminated and wash your hands or use waterless hand sanitizer before eating, drinking, smoking or preparing food.
– At all times avoid getting water from urban waterways in your eyes or mouth.

For further information, please contact the Town of Centerville’s wastewater plant operator at (765) 855-5515.

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