We invite any Western Wayne News reader to submit occasional messages of celebration to appear in the paper. Maybe you want to wish someone a happy birthday, acknowledge a big anniversary, offer congratulations to a student on a recent accomplishment, thank someone for a kind gesture, or just let someone know you care!

Use the form below to provide your name, who the message is for, the message itself (up to 5 words), and how you want it signed.

As space allows, we’ll publish your message in an upcoming issue of the Western Wayne News, probably within the next week or two. If you’re not ready for the message to appear yet, please come back and submit it later. (If you’d like to make sure your message runs in a certain issue of the paper, this can usually be done through a paid advertisement.)

    Please note that we cannot guarantee when a celebration message will appear in the paper or provide updates about the status of a given submission. We reserve the right to decline any submission and submissions with incomplete information or that exceed 5 words will not be published.