On a near perfect weather evening, the Tri-Eastern Conference track and field championships were held Thursday, May 11 at the Union City High School track. The Centerville girls rose to the occasion, fighting off a strong challenge from Winchester Community, to capture the title. In the boys meet, Hagerstown won the 4×800-meter relay to open the event and then steadily ran away from the field to win their meet by a wide margin. The TEC championship for the Tiger boys was their eighth consecutive.

Each Wayne County school had at least one blue-ribbon winner.

Hagerstown won the Tri-Eastern Conference boys championship. Photo by Sherry Stuart

In the boys meet Brody Puckett (Lincoln) won the 400-meter race. Mason Romack (Hagerstown) won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. Kaden Young (Hagerstown) won both the 800-meter and 1,600-meter. Lowell Berger (Hagerstown) won the 110-meter hurdles. Gary Lehman (Hagerstown) won the high jump. Hagerstown (Young, Isaac Schmitz, Bryce Tinkle, Carter Jenkins) won the 4×800-meter relay. Chase Cates (Northeastern) won the 3,200-meter run. Centerville (Braydon Ross, Trevor Thornburg, Evan Pritchard, Connor Miller) won the 4×100-meter relay.

Final team scores for boys: Hagerstown 145, Northeastern 87, Centerville 77, Tri High 67.5, Winchester Community 66.5, Lincoln 50, Union County 44, Union City 25, Knightstown 22.  

Centerville senior Cailin Ballenger accepts the team trophy. Photo by Sherry Stuart

In the girls meet freshman Akailyn Hogg (Northeastern) won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. Marissa Cates (Northeastern) won both the 1,600-meter and 3,200-meter runs. Northeastern (Adysson Kircher, Ariel Shuler, Hashanna Clark, Hogg) won the 4×100-meter relay.  Brooke Jordan (Centerville) won the 400-meter. Chloe Scales (Centerville) won the 800-meter. Destinee Reece (Centerville) won both the shot put and discus. Centerville (Scales, Julie Carter, Lily Black, Kendra Shipman) won the 4×800-meter relay. 

Final team scores for girls: Centerville 132, Winchester Community 121, Hagerstown 94.5, Northeastern 89, Union County 69, Tri High 36, Knightstown 13.5, Lincoln 6, Union City 5.

Event winners and top 8 finishers from Wayne County schools follow:


100 Meter Dash: 1st: Romack, Mason (Hagerstown), 11.30, 2nd: Ammerman, Noah (Northeastern), 3rd: Ross, Brayden (Centerville), 4th: Mull, Garrett (Hagerstown), 7th: McGriff, Avery (Cambridge City Lincoln)

110 Meter Hurdles: 1st: Berger, Lowell (Hagerstown), 16.18, 3rd: Marker, Jackson (Centerville), 5th: Sullivan, Owen (Hagerstown), 8th: Munchel, Aidan (Cambridge City Lincoln)

1600 Meter Run: 1st: Young, Kaden (Hagerstown), 4:35.16, 2nd: Cates, Chase (Northeastern), 3rd: Williams, Luke (Cambridge City Lincoln), 4th: Drake, Nolan (Northeastern), 6th: Sheard, Kyle (Centerville), 7th: Tinkle, Bryce (Hagerstown), 8th: Newton, Gavin (Cambridge City Lincoln)

200 Meter Dash: 1st: Romack, Mason (Hagerstown), 23.79, 2nd: Miller, Connor (Centerville), 4th: Ross, Brayden (Centerville), 7th: White, Isaac (Northeastern)

300 Meter Hurdles: 1st: Campbell, Carter (Winchester Community), 42.36, 2nd: Berger, Lowell (Hagerstown), 5th: Austerman, Conner (Northeastern), 7th: Sullivan, Owen (Hagerstown)

3200 Meter Run: 1st: Cates, Chase (Northeastern), 10:07.15, 3rd: Tinkle, Bryce (Hagerstown), 4th: Sheard, Kyle (Centerville), 5th: Chasteen, Tate (Centerville), 6th: Herr, Kendrick (Hagerstown), 8th: Newton, Gavin (Cambridge City Lincoln)

400 Meter Dash: 1st: Puckett, Brody (Cambridge City Lincoln), 53.13, 5th: Wright, Timmy (Centerville), 6th: Pitstick, Brody (Centerville)

800 Meter Run: 1st: Young, Kaden (Hagerstown), 2:09.00, 2nd: Drake, Nolan (Northeastern), 3rd: Schmitz, Isaac (Hagerstown), 4th: Williams, Luke (Cambridge City Lincoln), 5th: Pate, Marshall (Cambridge City Lincoln), 6th: Chamness, Lucas (Northeastern), 7th: Martin, Joe (Centerville)

Discus: 1st: Burk, Parker (Tri), 140-8, 2nd: Berhalter, Calvin (Northeastern), 5th: Lawson, Landon (Hagerstown), 6th: Bowlin, Mason (Hagerstown), 7th: Thornburg, Trevor (Centerville), 8th: Vance, Logan (Cambridge City Lincoln)

High Jump: 1st: Lehman, Gary (Hagerstown), 6-0, 3rd: Golliher, Zach (Hagerstown), 6th: Pitstick, Brody (Centerville), 7th: Munchel, Aidan (Cambridge City Lincoln), 8th: Ervin, Bear (Cambridge City Lincoln)

Long Jump: 1st: Fields, Mason (Knightstown), 21-0, 2nd: Romack, Mason (Hagerstown), 3rd: Ammerman, Noah (Northeastern), 5th: Brown, Logan (Northeastern), 7th: Miller, Connor (Centerville), 8th: Mull, Garrett (Hagerstown)

Shot Put: 1st: Burk, Parker (Tri), 50-9.75, 2nd: Bowlin, Mason (Hagerstown), 4th: Berhalter, Calvin (Northeastern), 5th: Vance, Logan (Cambridge City Lincoln), 7th: Thornburg, Trevor (Centerville)


100 Meter Dash: 1st: Hogg, Akailyn (Northeastern), 12.50, 3rd: Ferriell, Kasiti (Hagerstown), 5th: Shuler, Ariel (Northeastern), 7th: Rastbichler, Tahlia (Cambridge City Lincoln), 8th: Ballenger, Cailin (Centerville)

100 Meter Hurdles: 1st: Campbell, Caitlyn (Winchester Community), 16.61, 2nd: Hobbs, Hattie (Hagerstown), 3rd: Golliher, Lindsey (Hagerstown), 4th: Jordan, Tasha (Centerville)

1600 Meter Run: 1st: Cates, Marrisa (Northeastern), 5:35.05, 3rd: Scales, Chloe (Centerville), 4th: Moore, Ava (Hagerstown), 5th: Spence, Daisee (Northeastern)

200 Meter Dash: 1st: Hogg, Akailyn (Northeastern), 25.70, 2nd: Ferriell, Kasiti (Hagerstown), 6th: Shuler, Ariel (Northeastern), 7th: Jordan, Brooke (Centerville)

300 Meter Hurdles: 1st: Campbell, Caitlyn (Winchester Community), 50.22, 2nd: Hobbs, Hattie (Hagerstown), 3rd: Shipman, Kendra (Centerville), 4th: Golliher, Lindsey (Hagerstown), 6th: Jordan, Tasha (Centerville)

3200 Meter Run: 1st: Cates, Marrisa (Northeastern), 12:03.89, 2nd: Scales, Chloe (Centerville), 4th: Moore, Ava (Hagerstown), 6th: Black, Lily (Centerville)

400 Meter Dash: 1st: Jordan, Brooke (Centerville), 1:03.78, 3rd: Jarvis, Adanech (Centerville), 7th: Rastbichler, Tahlia (Cambridge City Lincoln), 8th: Thalls, Isabella (Hagerstown)

800 Meter Run: 1st: Scales, Chloe (Centerville), 2:35.66, 4th: Carter, Julie (Centerville), 5th: Klein, Logan (Hagerstown), 6th: Blunk, Avery (Hagerstown), 7th: Spence, Daisee (Northeastern)

Discus: 1st: Reece, Destinee (Centerville), 109-8, 2nd: Freeman, Mary (Centerville), 3rd: Mastriano, Addi (Northeastern), 5th: Oliger, Delaney (Hagerstown), 6th: Austerman, Madison (Northeastern), 7th: Trent, Aubrey (Cambridge City Lincoln), 8th: Miller, Brookley (Hagerstown)

High Jump: 1st: Campbell, Caitlyn (Winchester Community), 5-2, 2nd: Ballenger, Cailin (Centerville), 5th: Sheets, Nicole (Northeastern), 7th: Hobbs, Hattie (Hagerstown)

Long Jump: 1st: McCashland, Katie (Union County), 15-5, 2nd: Golliher, Lindsey (Hagerstown), 4th: Ballenger, Cailin (Centerville), 6th: Jordan, Tasha (Centerville)

Shot Put: 1st: Reece, Destinee (Centerville), 33-1, 2nd: Mastriano, Addi (Northeastern), 4th: Austerman, Madison (Northeastern), 8th: Ream, Aleah (Centerville)

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A version of this article appeared in the May 17 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Dan Harney is a sports reporter at the Western Wayne News.