Smarrelli General Contractor has been awarded the bid to build Richmond Fire Department a barn to store its standby trucks and other equipment.

Richmond’s Board of Public Works and Safety voted 2-0 on Nov. 30 to accept Smarrelli’s $371,750 bid as recommended by RFD. Smarrelli’s bid was the lowest of five bidders, including Thor Construction at $379,000, Whisenhunt Construction at $382,000, Commercial Maintenance Services at $419,165.57 and S&S Construction at $454,200.

The 60-foot-by-80-foot building will be located behind RFD’s Station 5 at 1971 W. Main St. and be bordered by South West 20th and South West A streets. The city’s Board of Zoning Appeals previously granted variances for reduced setbacks and for extending the existing driveway from South West 20th into the parking lot an additional 60 feet in front of the storage building.

RFD plans to house three standby trucks and other equipment in the barn.

The board of works also approved an additional $2,500 to Maze Design’s contract for design of the building because of additional drainage calculations and plans to meet city stormwater requirements. The original contract was for $16,500.

Fuel bids

Co-Alliance was the only bidder for the city’s 2024 unleaded and diesel fuel contracts.

This year, the city contracted with Co-Alliance for 145,000 gallons of 87-octane unleaded fuel at a fixed price of $2.6538 per gallon and for 130,000 gallons of road diesel fuel at $3.6627 per gallon.

The 2024 bid includes a fixed rate of $2.9529 per gallon — an increase of 29 cents — for 145,000 gallons of unleaded and $3.5568 per gallon — a decrease of a dime — for 140,000 gallons of diesel. That would total $926,122.50 in fuel costs for the year.

The bid was taken under advisement.

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A version of this article appeared in the December 6 2023 print edition of the Western Wayne News.

Mike Emery is a reporter and layout editor for the Western Wayne News.