As of 2 p.m. Friday, April 10, Reid Health has 38 lab-confirmed positive cases and 51 hospitalized patients in containment areas.
Reid has submitted 305 tests for processing.

Because of the lag time in state reported data, Reid Health is sharing with the community its own data. This data will no longer include the number of negative tests results as studies are showing a relatively high “false negative” outcome of testing.

Wayne County has 17 positive cases, while Fayette County has 20, Henry County has 22, Union County has five, Randolph County has eight and Franklin County has 67.

As of April 11, Indiana has had 330 deaths and 7,435 positive tests from Indiana State Department of Health and results submitted by private laboratories.

Of the state’s COVID deaths, 38.2 perent come from those 80 and older, followed by 30.3 percent of those in their 70s, 20.6 percent of those in their 60s and 6.4 percent in their 50s.

The majority of deaths have been male (61.8 percent).

A total of 39,215 tests have been reported to ISDH.

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