HAGERSTOWN, Ind. – Students at both Nettle Creek schools are safe and were dismissed Friday, Jan. 11, as usual after officials to locked down the junior-senior high and the elementary schools Friday afternoon in response to a possible threat.

Superintendent William Doering said school officials were alerted that there was a rumor that a student had made a threat to safety at Hagerstown Junior-Senior High School.

The junior-senior high school was immediately placed on a hard lockdown and the elementary school on a soft lockdown, Doering said. The Hagerstown Police Department was at the high school, Doering said.

A student allegedly involved was taken to the high school office and an investigation is underway, Doering said.

Doering said he did not yet have all the information, but that the schools are secure and there were no injuries.

Students at both buildings were dismissed on time and a One Call alert was sent to parents to alleviate their concerns, Doering said.

Doering said he and other administrators appreciate being alerted to the concern and will follow up on any similar reports in the future.

– By Rachel Sheeley

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